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Aquatom1969 and the Psychic Vampires

I’m really looking forward to this movie being released. Ever since I posted about my secret identity my online character has been a major talking point around the world. I’ve had to get an agent for Aquatom1969, and another one to protect the real me. I can only do written interviews, obviously, as my real identity would be given away in an instant if I were to appear on TV and in the papers, and I couldn’t even appear on the radio because the presenter would see me. And what a casting coup! They’ve got Tom Welling to play me. Well, he would be the obvious choice, really, after playing Clark Kent so well in the Smallville series. I wonder if he can do an English accent? Actually, I know he can. He’s met me, but he didn’t know it was me…

I’ve had to make up a lot of stuff for the writers though, as I can’t give them all of my details because of the secret identity thing. They know that I live in a large mansion. I couldn’t tell them that it is an eighty room mansion, because that might narrow things down a little. They know all about my coincidences, well, the ones that I changed the details with anyway. I didn’t tell them about the time I had my haircut and I looked like a pineapple – I don’t think that would make a good scene in the film.

I did tell them about my life as a vampire, and how I’m interested in living my life in a way that feels good. I told them how I’m interested in magic, love the tarot and oracle readings, like blogging, and love to create events and circumstances in my life through Cosmic Ordering and by the Law of Attraction that makes other people say “How do you do that?”! I think this last paragraph highlights the reason why they named the movie what they did.

So, on to the plot. Aquatom1969 has learned that vampires have somehow managed to bridge the gap between parallel dimensions and have started to invade this dimension. He found out completely by coincidence when walking passed a shop that had a broken window and it’s burglar alarm was sounding. In the corner of his eye, he saw one of the vampires dashing around the corner. As the police were in attendance he went to tell them, but, unfortunately, the vampire had been there first… These vampires, sensing that Aquatom1969 was also a vampire, fled the scene. Not wanting to cause alarm to anyone else in the world, Aquatom1969 decided that he alone must send all of these vampires back to their own dimension. Does he do it? We’ll have to wait and see when the movie is released.

They’ve filmed two endings, so I don’t know how it turns out either!

And I’ve heard that a sequel is in the planning stages… Aquatom1969 and the Zombie Squad. I’ll write more about this when I see the plot myself.

Aquatom’s world

I exist simultaneously in an unlimited number of possible parallel worlds. There’s literally billions of them. Right at this moment across those worlds, it is snowing, raining, foggy, misty, icy, cool, windy, sunny, warm… and in some worlds all at once!

  • I’m up early and having a lie in at the same time.
  • I’m in Manchester and New York City at the same time.
  • I’m being visited by my ghostly friend (and all of her friends too!) and not having any visitors at the same time.
  • I’m earning more per hour and earning nothing at all at the same time.
  • I’m full of confusion and everything is crystal clear at the same time.
  • Traffic lights are permanently on red whenever I approach them, and they are permanently on green whenever I approach them too.
  • I’m full of rage when I’m behind the wheel of my car, and I’m perfectly calm at the same moment.
  • I’ve published my fiftieth book and am just about to start my first book.
  • I write a blog that helps people around the world and I write a blog that makes no sense at all.
  • I live in an eighty room mansion and I live in a box.
  • I’m extremely happy and depressingly sad.
  • I’m living the life of my dreams and the life of my nightmares.
  • I win and win and win and lose and lose and lose.
  • I have perfect health and not so perfect health.
  • I enjoy every moment and hate every moment.
  • Iceland win the Eurovision Song Contest and they lose it.
  • I have complete faith in my Cosmic Ordering ability and I don’t believe.
  • I’m an artist, an actor, a surgeon and unemployed.
  • I have rid myself of my inner demons and they are permanently tormenting me.
  • I live in a world full of exciting possibilities and I barely exist.

At the centre of everything is me. I bring all of my worlds together.

Our worlds of unlimited possibilities

I watched the film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?” again yesterday. I love all mind and reality things, and this movie is no exception. In fact, this movie really highlights the effect that our mind has on our reality. It takes a good look at quantum science, and shows how, at a sub-atomic level, everything is made up of energy and nothing. It also says the particles that make up these atoms seem to flicker in and out of existence. Obviously, when they are here, they’re here. But when they are not – where are they? They can’t not exist, simply because they do. One of the contributors of the film said he likes to think of these particles appearing in another universe when they disappear from here, and in that other universe another quantum physicist is wondering where they go to when they vanish.

Moving on slightly, it is true that every possible outcome to every situation exists. Only the outcome we are experiencing is the one that we are noticing… but what about all of the other outcomes? Something can either exist or not exist, there is no in-between state here. The outcomes we are not experiencing, if they exist, must exist somewhere. I’m open to the possibility that all of these outcomes will exist  in some kind of parallel universe, and as we are aware of them, we have somehow ‘tapped into’ this universe to become aware. Now it gets interesting!

Imagine if we can tap into these parallel universes whenever we want to, and select the particular outcome we desire. The number of possibilities is unlimited, so that will mean that the number of possible outcomes is unlimited… we can choose  the next event to move us further along in our lives. We can choose to keep with the outcome that was destined to be ours, or we can change it. We are aware of the actions that we need to take to get to our desired outcome, but again, it is up to us to carry out those actions or not. No choice is the right or wrong one. It is just our choice. And any choice we make will have an impact on our future.

So, imagine living your dream life. Anything is possible as you have all of these worlds to tap into. See what you need to do to get to the next point in your life, and do it. One step at a time, there’s no rush!

Make a difference!

If I could live in my own dream world, it wouldn’t be full of the horrors and fears that I tried to describe in my post yesterday. It wouldn’t be full of jealousy or hate. It wouldn’t be full of some people having everything while others have nothing. It wouldn’t be full of negativity. It wouldn’t be full of unrest, or disease, or war.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in my dream world, and I am well aware that everything I have described above does exist in the world I do live in. The fact that the negativity is there highlights the better feeling positive aspects in everything, but by saying that I am looking at things backwards.

When I concentrate on the negatives, that is what I see. And that is also what I think I see.

Some people describe a person who sees the positives in everything a ‘Pollyanna’ but I would bet a pound to a penny that those who do the calling deep down would like to have half – if not more – of the positivity themselves. I would also like to think that they may feel seeing everything in a positive light is somehow ‘wrong’ and not how they should be seeing it. Again, it’s backwards.

Needing things causes more feelings of need. Fighting things causes more things to fight. Negativity causes negativity. Look at things from a straightforward point of view and it makes sense!

If you feel good about anything, you feel good. Imagine the time when you will feel good about everything! Imagine the opportunities that will always knock at the right time… the doors that will always open just when they are needed… the people who will provide help at the ideal moment… the great health… the wonderful happiness… the perfection of it all.

That’s my dream world. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m working on it.

Everyday, I’m trying to do at least one thing that will make a positive difference to my world. Maybe, the difference I make to my world will be passed on to someone else’s world, and make a difference to them. And this difference may be passed on by them, to someone else’s world. And on and on it goes. Can you imagine each person making just one positive difference to someone else’s world? How quickly would positivity spread then?

It’s not about taking control of situations and saying how things should be (I always think of the example of someone helping an elderly person to cross the road by grabbing hold of their arm and ushering them across… who says they actually wanted to cross in the first place?) or making someone do something ‘for their own good that they’ll enjoy’. We all know our own minds and what we like and don’t like.

One way to make a big difference is to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. With respect and courtesy (well, that’s how I like to be treated!) remember, what we give out we get back. A smile will bring a smile. Laughter encourages laughter. Like attracts like.

And I do like the sound of my dream world. There’s nothing really stopping me from living in it either… is there?

Reaching out

I’ve decided to add a new page to my blog for recommendations. Any blogs that I come across and enjoy will be mentioned there. It is just another way for me to continue to feel good, and besides it keeps all of my favourite site links all in one place. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so I don’t need to remember all those addresses along with everything else! I’m not reviewing the blogs or anything, it is just a page of links really, but if the site is there it is because I like something about it. It may be that it has made me think, or I like a particular post therein. With my experience of coincidences I believe I was meant to find those blogs for a reason, so they deserve a mention.

I reached out last night to someone I don’t know very well. She was one of the barmaids in my local haunt (the one where I sit in the corner) and it was her last night, she was leaving as she was starting a new day job. Thinking back, she probably thought I was rambling on and couldn’t wait to get away from me, but I wasn’t. I like to go on about doing the best for ourselves, and I was telling myself as much as I was telling her that she shouldn’t just chase her dream – she should grab hold of it. Chasing it may just push it further away. She seemed to get what I was saying though, and wanted to serve me with my final drink before I left, which I thought was quite nice considering I sometimes thought she didn’t like me that much. So when I left I hugged her and wished her good luck for the future.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it made me feel quite good. I sound like I’m being selfish, but I’m not. I do like to feel good, and I also like to share that feeling with people when I can too.

I like it when we are on the same wavelength, so to speak.