Beyond the Sphere

What do you want?

I’m not being rude, but do you really know what you want?
I’m not talking about what gift you would like for Christmas, or what sweet you would like after a meal, but what do you want for you?

Knowing what it is that you want really helps the universe to set things into motion to bring it to you. Most of the time, we think that we know what we want when really we haven’t got a clue! This cluelessness (or lack of having a clue) is keeping away what it is that we think we want, but bringing more lack of what we want to us.

The Law of Attraction, and the universe, works with our feelings. The Law of Repulsion and the universe also work with our feelings. We can’t attract and repel the same thing at the same time – although we can like something one minute and not like it the next, we can’t do both at the same time; if we could we would never know where we are up to!

So, logically thinking, if we think we really want something and are not getting it, our true feelings are telling the universe something different to how we are thinking. The Law of Attraction is bringing more reasons for us to want it, and the Law of Repulsion is keeping away what we think we want. Our feelings are resonating to the universe, and the universe is matching those feelings.

I have had many experiences with the Law of Attraction (and Cosmic Ordering) where the universe has brought to me exactly what I had been thinking about – but not very many where I have received what I was thinking at the same time. Sometimes have been very shortly afterwards, but usually the time span has been anything from a couple of hours, to a few days, to even a few months. And some times I’ve actually forgotten that I thought I’d wanted it, only to be surprised when I’d received it.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the workings of the universe. I couldn’t explain the difference between an atom and a neutron. I’ve heard of them, they may even be the same thing for all I know, but I wouldn’t really know where to begin with them. I don’t know why coincidences happen – and why they happen more to some people and not to others – but happen they do. Even if you’ve never experienced a coincidence you would be aware of what a coincidence was! I experience hundreds of coincidences, so many in fact that it couldn’t be a coincidence that they all happen to me… could it?

If it isn’t (or they aren’t) a coincidence, then what is causing me to experience the number of simultaneous events that I am a part of? The only constant factor with all of the events is me, so logic would dictate that I must be doing something to make all of these events happen. Actually, there are two constants. Me, and my friend, the universe. We are actually one thing, all things considered, and I think this connection makes the resonance between our feelings and the universe’s response more plausible. We don’t need to shout out what we want to the universe, because the universe knows how we are feeling. If we are desperate for a glass of water, the universe feels the desperation rather than our thirst, and will provide us with more reasons to feel desperate. If we’re feeling fantastic with the abundance we have in our lives, the universe will respond by providing more to continue the fantastic feeling. If we are feeling grateful, the universe will give us more to be grateful for. And this is how the Law of Attraction works.

I’m still trying to get my feelings in perfect balance with the universe so that I don’t have the feelings of neediness, lack, desperation or anything else that will prevent me from having an ultimately happy life. I have a happy life – I’m not saying that I don’t – but there are some changes that I need to make to make it happier.

Hence this post. I don’t really know what it is that I want to improve my life. And this may be the reason why I experience as many coincidences as I do… the universe is giving me what it thinks I want at that moment. My feelings about the current situation are being highlighted to me by similar events all around me.

If I’m receiving all of this without being aware, imagine how great things would be when I am aware.


I’ve just played a quick game of chess against the computer, and won. I needed to sacrifice a lot of my key pieces in order to win the game, and it got me thinking that perhaps the main aim of the game is still to win, but with the majority of the pieces still in play. I’m not an expert chess player or anything – I just about know which way each piece should move, and I understand the checkmate rule more than the stalemate rule, although in a way they are similar… the king can’t move!

When I had won the game, a thought came to me about the real world, and how much do we really need to ‘win’? And which chess piece would we be in relation to everyone else. Are we a little pawn, or the king or queen? Or maybe we are a rook, knight or bishop… it is difficult to choose, because in the real world so much is going on that we are in fact every piece, although at (possibly) different times.

Sometimes, we need to sacrifice a pawn part of ourselves when we cancel an idea because something of greater importance has come up. At other times, we need to promote our pawn side to a queen to take control of a situation, usually if our main queen side is already dealing with something else. Occasionally, we become a knight and leap over others around us, achieving greater things – but not in a direct route. And sometimes, we sacrifice any one of our pieces by making a wrong move. So I guess that means that the main piece within us all is the king. The king can never be ‘taken’ but can give up. Giving up is a last resort move, and there are always other options to follow before making that decision.

Getting back to the chess world for a minute, I tend to back-track if I make a move I don’t like, and make another move. I can do this against the computer, but usually I find myself in a similar situation again a few moves later. I don’t think it is as easy when in a ‘real’ chess game. Or in real life, for that matter.

The best thing to do when making a mistake in the real world is just to learn from it. Accept that the mistake was made, and move on. Try not to make the same mistake again, but if it happens again, try to learn from it again. That’s the good thing about being human; we are allowed to make mistakes. We just tend to judge ourselves a little too harshly. And others too.

Sacrificing a certain part of ourselves for the greater good is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to do so to be able to move things forward, but there is no need to sacrifice everything. No need to give up. We just need to weigh up the options and try to cross the board by a different route.

Real life isn’t a chess game, so in that respect it is much better! We still need to use strategy at times to get through certain situations, but we have far more pieces within us than what is on a chess board. We have more pieces to be able to sacrifice if needed. We have more than one king too, so if we do decide to ‘give up’ with one of them, it isn’t the end of the world. We can start again using another king!

The fun part isn’t in the winning, it is in the playing.

Yes, it is good to win, but we can’t win everything, every time. Knowing this makes losing sound a lot easier to take, and if we have fun in the process, it doesn’t matter whether we win or lose… Or draw – end up in stalemate! However things turn out, we have reached the natural end of that particular process. We may have won, we may have learned something, we may think we have made the wrong decision, we may have discovered something new about ourselves, we may have seen something in a new light, we may have given up – but we have had fun in the process up to this point, and that is the important part. Having fun = feeling good. And feeling good = winning anyway, so it doesn’t really matter when you think about it…



You may, I may…

You may think things are not good, I may disagree

You may think of yourself as ugly, I may think you are beautiful

You may think I am beautiful, I may not agree

You may have something to say, I may listen

You may want your own space, I may not notice

You may be interested in writing, I may be interested in reading what you write

You may be the centre of attention, I may observe you

You may have a fantastic future, I may have one too

You may not be unique, I may be similar

You may light up the room, I may be in your shadow

You may dance to your heart’s content, I may dance internally

You may be in need of help, I may be in a position to help

You may witness a miracle, I may share the experience

You may sing like an angel, I may be tone deaf

You may need support, I may be a rock

You may do a lot of things that I do not like but I may well appreciate them

You may be special, I may be special too

You may accept this thank-you I made for you being you

From the cards…

I’ve not posted about my messages from the universe for a couple of weeks… here are the top ten cards from my pack of oracle cards after shuffling them…

1] Messages From Your Loved Ones – Stop and listen

2] Confidence – Confidence comes from believing in yourself

3] Gratitude – To be wealthy you have to be more grateful

4] Decisions – You have the choice to make your own decisions

5] Faith – Hold on to your faith

6] Cosmic Ordering – Learn to attract abundance

7] Dream Big – Live life to the full

8] Desire – The desire to achieve success

9] Self-Belief – Believe in yourself to change your life

10] Love – True love never dies

My general interpretation: Have faith in your own abilities to be able to change your world in the way that is acceptable to you. The signs are there that the universe is listening, but are you listening to the universe? Take responsibility for your own life , live your life now, love your life now… and be grateful. Gratitude is the key to everything!

My personal interpretation: Reading from the outside in, love is all around. Confidence and self belief are just under the surface. Be grateful for every desire, for dreams and decisions stem from desire. Keep Cosmic Ordering! Keep the faith!

My reaction: I like receiving reminders like this! They help me to continue to feel good! 😀

Bright lights and fuzzy colours!

Where I saw the Geminids!

Last night I got to see the Geminids! 😀

I only saw half a dozen or so, and they appeared as sparks in the sky against the backdrop of Orion’s Belt. I had two little obstacles that prevented me from viewing them any longer than the hour or so I was transfixed with the heavens. OK, make that four obstacles.

Obstacle Number One: The Moon

I love the Moon, and to class it as an obstacle is absolutely terrible. The Moon was shining down the silvery reflection from the Sun, but in doing so was preventing the Geminids from appearing as vibrantly as I thought they would. The Moon was slowly gliding toward the horizon, and as she drifted away, the darkness of the sky became more apparent, and with that the stars became brighter. And so did the ‘sparks’.

Obstacle Number Two: My window, my angle and my radiator

In order for me to have a clear view of the night sky, I had to lean out of my window. Well, I could have gone outside, but I didn’t really want to do that as it was rather cold. Luckily, my radiator is just beneath my window, so, as the window was open and the cool air was entering my room, the radiator was automatically compensating for the cold by increasing it’s temperature to counter-match it. This meant that in order for me to reach out of the window, I had to lean over the radiator so the heat from it didn’t touch me. I’m not much of a contortionist, so just imagine me leaning back and over, and forwards at the same time, whilst looking up. Somehow I managed it!

Obstacle Number Three: Clouds

Shortly after midnight, and as the Moon was very low in the sky, clouds blew in, and slowly covered the clear sky. Although I could see a few stars through the breaks in the cloud, there was too much cloud to be able to clearly see any shooting stars. So, when the clouds appeared my skywatching and amateur contortionism had to come to an end.

Obstacle Number Four: Sleep

I needed to go to sleep, as is usually the case at night. I did wake up at about 1.30am, and looked out of the window again, but the clouds were still there, so I settled down, and requested that the universe show me a message from the stars through my dreams.


And dream I did! Really weird, but strangely vivid in parts, and utterly mixed up in others! The vivid parts included people I have met in the past and actors and actresses from the TV, and we were all in places I have visited at some time. The feeling from the dream was nice and warm, but the mood seemed to change just before I woke up. My alarm went off at 6am, but in my dream I was being awoken by two red diamonds. Have you ever been woken up by a diamond? Told you it was weird. But look at the link… I had TV stars in my dream! Not quite the stars I asked for when going to sleep, but I can’t complain. I can’t remember the message though, I think maybe it was too subtle to be included with all of the confusion. Unless the message was just that – inside the confusion is the message! I’ll leave that one for another day!

So, I got to see my Geminids. I wasn’t disappointed. I was taken by surprise by the first one – it was completely different to the one that I saw a few months ago. Like I said, these yesterday appeared as sparks shooting across the sky, whereas the previous one was a moving star. So, that is another experience for me! I love experiencing new things… they make me feel good!

Normal Monday

What a boring title!

I’m in a ‘say it as it is’ mood today. I said it as it was in my statement for work for the recent kerfuffle, so I don’t know if that will help or hinder things. Only time will tell with that one…

The weather is back to normal. Well warmer than it has been, and warmer than it should be, but the middle ground could be classed as normal, so I’ll go with that. We’re due the cold again by the end of the week. So by then, that will be classed as normal. I’ll go with the normal theme now then.

The traffic – busy as normal.

The traffic lights – red as normal.

The alarm waking me up – 6am as normal.

Work – normal. Although I did… no I didn’t. It was normal.

When you think about it though, normal is quite good. OK, nothing exciting happens, but nothing dull happens either. Everything just is, and when everything just ‘is’, everything’s fine.

So why am I writing about it as though it isn’t fine?

It is, after all, a normal Monday. I have to do the usual Monday things. I haven’t done anything differently today that I did last Monday – last week in fact. Maybe that is the message that is coming through to me… I need to find something different to do!

The first thing I need to do is look for some kind of inspiration. I’m going to open my mind, and see if any new ideas come to me over night tonight. I was going to have an early night, but I almost forgot about the Geminids! Hopefully, I’ll see a spectacular display tonight, and the shooting stars will provide me with a flash of inspiration or two! If anything can help me, it will be the Universe!

That will make my Monday a little less ‘normal’. Of course, I’m still grateful for my normal Monday, and I shouldn’t really complain.




Well, it’s getting close to Christmas, and I’ve already mentioned it in a couple of my posts recently, so here is my first official Christmas post! I know it is only the twelfth of December, but for years I thought this was the first day in the carol ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, so it’s a good a day to start as any! As it happens, the twelve days start on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, depending on location apparently.

I’ve been shopping again today, the local supermarket was busy as usual, and the girl who was working on the checkout said that she thought Sundays should be the day of rest, but everyone seemed to be doing their shopping today. If she wasn’t working, she said, she would be having a nice relaxing lie in. I advised her I had intended to that myself, but had to get up to go shopping! Father Christmas was outside the shop on the back of a trailer in the car park. It wasn’t the real Father Christmas as I suppose he is getting ready for his busy night, but this one was quite a good resemblance. He was waving at the children who were being taken into and out of the store, and they seemed to like him. Christmas music was blaring from loud speakers that were also on the trailer, and some people in yellow tee shirts were mulling around rattling buckets to collect anyone’s spare change.

Christmas music was also being played inside the store, although not as loud. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and some of the other customers were singing along to the carols. I didn’t sing, but I danced internally. One man didn’t know the words, but seemed to know the first two words to each line, so he sung these and hummed the rest. That was quite amusing.

A few weeks ago, around the 15th November, a young boy called around to my parent’s house. My Mum answered the door, and he said “I’m going away for Christmas, but I need some money… is it OK if I do your carol singing now?” My Mum politely asked that he came back a little nearer to the time, as you don’t really get the full effect of Christmas carols in November. I think he said he’d return the next day, but I’m not sure if he did or not…

I mentioned in my post yesterday the carol ‘I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In’, which is one of my favourites, and it invokes some really vivid images in my mind. Another of my favourites is ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, and I get equally vivid images with this song, but not of galleons or anything like that! The drummer boy in my imagination is wearing the red coat uniform I also mentioned yesterday, but the song was written much later than the uniform was introduced. One thing I remember about this is an old Christmas Tree decoration, which was a drummer boy, wearing the old military uniform. Maybe this is why I have mixed these two together.

Drummers are also mentioned in ‘The Twelve Days Of Christmas’, they were the gift on the twelfth day – or one of the gifts, I was always confused by the twelfth day as to whether my true love had sent me just the twelve drummers drumming, or the twelve drummers drumming along with everything else (again) that they had already sent to me previously… but it’s a nice song, and a nice thought. Although I don’t personally know what I would do if someone sent me twelve drummers drumming, etcetera!

Moving away from Christmas carols, but staying with Christmas music, my all time favourite song that I love to hear at Christmastime is ‘Fairytale of New York’, by The Pogues and Kirsty MacCol. It’s a bit dark, but it makes me think whenever I hear it. And I love thinking, I do!

Past lives

I was talking yesterday with my Mum about everyday things such as reincarnation and past lives, as you do. We usually talk about the weather, or the special offers that are on at the local supermarket, and I think it was during one of these chats that this topic came up.

We were also discussing the concept of time, and how we are only aware of the passing of time because someone told us about it long ago. Cats, on the other hand, haven’t been told about the passing of time, so to them, everything is simply now. My Mum has a little cat friend who visits her every day, and she will wait, patiently in the garden, come rain or shine, until she gets the chance to say a little “Wewwo”  – that’s the cat waiting and saying it, not my Mum. My Mum says “Hello” when she sees the cat. It’s the cat that says “Wewwo” – she really does! Gorgeous little thing she is too!

Anyway, cats will wait and wait and wait, not moving until they want to. They aren’t bothered about the time. They aren’t bothered about the weather. They are only bothered about themselves. What they did a second ago has been done and it is done. What they are doing now is what they are doing. And they aren’t bothered about what they are going to do, but they will do something. I think it’s a great life, that of a cat.

You may wonder what on earth I am going on about. This post is entitled “Past lives” and I’m waffling on about cats’ lives. All will be revealed!

I’ve just read a post on Babblesbybex’s blog that put me in mind of the conversation I had with my Mum yesterday. I love coincidences, I really do! We were talking about how often we can see a complete stranger and yet feel like we know them. Not in a sense of knowing them by sight, but in a sense of ‘really’ knowing them. I’ve experienced it quite a few times. Bex has experienced it. My Mum has. And so must countless of other people too. But how can this happen? How can we ‘know’ someone we have ‘never met’?

I have a theory about this. Those in the scientific community will probably roll their eyes at my theory, but roll away! I like my theory. Before I mention it though (and I’m not deliberately dragging things out for dramatic effect!) I’d like to recount one of my examples of this personal déjà vu phenomenon.

I was at a motor cycle racing event at one of the race tracks in the UK, I don’t remember the one unfortunately but names tend to blur into one when you are surrounded by thousands of people in racing leathers! I was walking past a stall in one of the market places that was selling power tools. A proper man’s stall, with nail guns, drills and stapler thingies. I was browsing the stall to pass a little time when I met one of the salesmen. We recognised each other instantly, but we had never met. He asked if he knew me and where I was from – we had never been to each other’s home town and I wouldn’t normally be walking around a power tool stall, so the chances of us ever knowing each other would be practically zero. Yet, we both had the feeling that we did. We both had that intense feeling of familiarity.

Now, on to my theory. This is where past lives come in. And also a little bit of confusion as the theory is in two parts, but bear with me. I think that these familiar feelings of us knowing someone come from the fact that we have known them in a past or future life. I think that as one life ends, we eventually are born again into a new life either before or after (in time) the previous one. Now, if we can be born at any time, there is nothing stopping our ‘life-times’ overlapping, and when they overlap there is a chance that our two lives may meet up. Obviously, we will be two different people (it would be a bit freaky if we met ourselves! To see how freaky watch the movie Big Business!), but there is something that is connected between the two ‘existences’ that sparks of the familiar feelings. The second part of this theory is that we meet other people who we met in our previous incarnation, and in this case the feelings of recognition are there, but not the intense feelings of knowing that person.

Go on – roll your eyes! I like my theory – it’s nice and comfortable for me!

Oh, and as for the cat part, I mentioned that to highlight the concept of time. We think that time moves only forward because that is how we perceive it. If we can live like a cat and think that everything is happening now, then it makes my theory easier to take in. Well, it does to me, anyway.

I think it’s time for a little cat nap now! I’m purring with how good I’m feeling! 😀

Meteors, Eclipses and Asteroid Showers!


First we had the snow. Then the rain. Then the fog. Then the snow in the fog. And then, last night, a meteor exploded above the UK, causing people from all over the country to witness it.

Apart from me.

Apparently, it appeared at around 17.40 on Wednesday evening. At that time I was just getting myself warm, and tucking into some delicious food – and when I’m feeding that tends to be my only priority. I do love food!

It isn’t the first time I have missed an astronomical phenomenon. A few months ago, I was looking out to see if I could catch a glimpse of the Perseids Meteor Shower, where hundreds of shooting stars can be witnessed by the naked eye. I saw one.  OK, this doesn’t exactly fit in the “missing an astronomical phenomenon” statement, but I would have loved to have seen a lot more than one. Not that I’m ungrateful that I saw one, I hasten to add – that was just as magical an experience as seeing many, in fact even more so as I could have missed that completely if I was a couple of seconds earlier or later. Right place, right time and all that jazz!

On 11th August 1999 I was treated to the Total Solar Eclipse. I was working in Birmingham at the time, but I took my break to coincide with it, and went outside. Hundreds of other people went outside at the same time, and we all watched the eclipse. I went back late from my break – very late in fact – but nothing was said. Well, how often do we get the chance to observe a total eclipse? I was very lucky in the fact that just outside of the office where I worked there was a bus shelter, which had tinted glass. I positioned myself so I could see the sun through the glass. It was a little cloudy, but I could make out the outline of the sun. And the darkness from the shadow was eerie. Spectacular but eerie. I’d love to observe another Total Solar Eclipse!

My brother saw last night’s meteor. He said that he didn’t think it was a meteor though, he thought it was a firework because it was green. I told him he must have seen a firework, as meteors aren’t green, and I laughed incredulously at him when I said it. In my mind, meteors are red, yellow and orange and rumbling and dramatic. Not green. I’ve had a look at the news sites before typing this post, and it was green. Hmph! I was wrong again. At least I’ve learned something new!

That has actually got me thinking about the strange thing I saw many years ago that was red and quickly dropped to Earth. One of my friends saw it too – we were in separate places – and he was quite frightened by it, but I thought at the time it was a meteor so I wasn’t afraid. Now that I know that meteors are green I don’t know what it was that I saw… it wasn’t mentioned in any news broadcast or newspaper, and nobody mentioned it since… no, I still don’t feel afraid. I saw a red meteor. A rare red meteor.

And, I have two other astronomical events to look forward to this month! Firstly, we are being treated to the Geminid Meteor Shower just after midnight on 14th December, so this will give me another opportunity to see more than one Shooting Star, and then, on December 21st we have a Total Eclipse of the Moon, which may prove a little difficult to see due to the timing, but still, the magickal and mystical effects of this phenomenon will be remarkable in themselves!

I’d go so far as to say get some really good Cosmic Orders ready, and send them to the Cosmos on December 21st! Which, by the way is also Solstice Day.

When the Universe is giving signs like this, they shouldn’t really be ignored, should they? Or maybe everything is just a coincidence? Even if you do not believe in the power of Cosmic Ordering, our creatively conscious side of the Law of Attraction, why not give it a go anyway? You’ve nothing to lose if it doesn’t work for you, and everything you can ever dream of to gain if it does!

The Universe is amazing. You don’t really need me to tell you that, though… just look at the spectacular displays it offers to us every day. I’m grateful for all of these astronomical events. Even the ones I miss! There will be another similar one along in no time at all, so I haven’t really missed out!

And that helps me to continue to feel good!


Positive versus Negative

We all love the movies… good versus evil, the books… right versus wrong, the music… peace versus war. Usually, the good always wins, or the ‘bad’ changes sides and joins forces with the ‘good’ side.

I don’t think I have ever read a book, watched a movie, or heard a song where the opposite has happened. Maybe sometimes it has got quite close to happening, but in the nick of time something good always happens. I think that is how everything should be in the world. I’d feel very disappointed if the hero of my story didn’t win in the end – or didn’t at least draw. OK, I’m referring to works of fiction here.

In the real world, in the stories we read about, or hear about, or even watch in the news, we are presented with a slightly different picture. We are told of events where the badness appears to be winning. We are told of the hero not winning out in the end. We are told of good being replaced by bad.

What a rubbish picture!

Yes, there is bad in the world. We know about that just by glancing at a newspaper. But there is also good too! Why isn’t this reported as often? Why do we find it so easy to associate more with the negative and not the positive?


I’m being the good guy in my story. I’m loving my story so far, but there are some little things that are trying to dissolve away my positivity. Not necessarily negative things, I must add, but things that make me stop and think.

I’ll write about these ‘attacks’ on my positivity over the next few months, I don’t want to put too much into one post, but I will write about one thing that has come to my mind of late. People.

One thing I have noticed about people, is that we (I do include myself!) have a collective competitive streak. We all want to do well, but sometimes we want to do better than someone else. Doing well is a good thing to aim for. Doing better for yourself is also a good thing too.  But trying to outshine someone else who is only trying to do their best isn’t so good. Competition is both a good and a bad thing. It is good to encourage others to take part, join in, give them hope – but it is also bad when they do not win. If someone entered a competition for the fun of entering, and not particularly bothered about the outcome, then competition is fine. If someone enters a competition who is hell-bent on beating one of their opponents, the competition becomes more sinister. There is no fun in winning in such a ruthless manner, in my opinion, and losing with that attitude is even worse! You can see the Law of Attraction lining up loads of reasons for the competition to get even worse from that last sentence, can’t you?

The reason I am going on about competition is all due to outdoor Christmas decorations. The blow up Santas, the bright lights, the musical sleighs. You can see the neighbours who are competing with each other by the sheer volume of coloured lights that are strung up all over their homes! Some streets have that many lights up now, the street lights are no longer needed. In fact, it is lighter at night than it is during the day in some places!

Before you say “Bah, Humbug!”, I like Christmas lights, I really do. They make everywhere look nice and festive. And then you see the efforts of the warring factors and you just sigh.

So, my positive versus negative good point of today goes to those who are subtle. Those who do their own thing, in their own way, without upsetting, or interfering with whatever someone else is doing. Those who do their own thing, and aren’t bothered by what other people do or think. And those who do their own thing, feel good doing their own thing, and know that the thing they are doing is a good thing. The right thing.

Positive 1 – Negative 0.

The competition has begun!

And now the weather… and the NEWs*

“You name it – we’ve had it!”  Wendy Windways always likes to state the obvious when presenting the weather for the national MeTV weather report. What she doesn’t realise, though, is the truth in her words.

Over the past few days, we’ve had snow, rain, fog, freezing fog, and today we had snow again, whilst it was foggy! Snow in the fog!!! I don’t think Wendy Windways could have forecast that. It may be a common occurrence, but I have never experienced it before. Although, I hadn’t experienced a whiteout until the other day either, and they really are regular occurrences.

Still, they all make for experiencing new things I suppose. It’s good to experience new things. They give something to write in a blog, for example, or a random memory that will appear many years in the future. And like I said the other day, we can’t do a thing about the weather, so whatever it does we should enjoy it – or at least enjoy doing something else whilst the weather is doing it’s thing.

The New Year is not too far away, and most people use this as a reason to start something new… searching for and getting a new job; starting a diet and losing weight; and beginning a new project are some examples that spring to mind – but why wait until the New Year? If you think about it, every day can be classed as New Year’s Day, we can start our year whenever we want to. Just because the calendar year begins on January 1st doesn’t mean to say that our personal New Year has to. Look at the financial year – that doesn’t begin in January. Instead of waiting for the New Year to start that project, start now!

My New Year’s Resolution is to be more proactive in the things that I do. I have faith in my abilities, I can do what I intend to do, and I will start them. I will enjoy myself immensely as I’m doing them, and can see myself in a few year’s time looking back and thinking “Imagine if I’d put that off…” Of course, I’ll be on the deck of my luxury yacht, somewhere around the world, basking in the sun and sipping cocktails watching Wendy Windways’ weather forecasts as I’m thinking this.

For now though, I’m spending today’s New Year’s Eve in quiet contemplation, and in anticipation for my new start to begin!

Happy New Year! 😀

*I know it’s bad… 😉


I’ve enjoyed the rain today! After the snow of the past few days, it seems to have gone slightly warmer around these parts, and I have just checked the temperature  – it is now zero degrees. So it is warmer!

I was waiting at a red traffic light after shopping this afternoon, and was watching the raindrops landing onto the windscreen. Each droplet spread out like a little multi point star, each one a tad different from the others. They brought to mind the Emoto experiment I mentioned on 20th November, and I realised just how much good the rain does for us. Not only was it watering all of the plants and gardens around the town, but it was also helping to clear away all of the snow that had settled as well.

I remember once walking to my parents house, which is about two miles away from where I live. It wasn’t raining when I set off, but I could tell that it was on it’s way. Nevertheless, I set off, on foot, with the frame of mind that I may miss it, but if not, I’ll only get wet, and I can soon get dry again. I was about half-way through my walk when it started to rain. A few more steps, the heavens opened, and I was caught in one of the most torrential downpours I have ever been in! I was soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes. But, I didn’t mind. The rain was fresh and refreshing. It was actually very invigorating being out in it. I found myself  thanking the weather because I felt that the rain was doing it’s ‘thing’ for me, to help me to feel refreshed and to feel good. I really felt at one with the elements that day. When I got to my parents’ house, I was soon dry. The skin on my face felt so much smoother than it usually does, and I had a rosy glow in my cheeks, which indicated that the rain had done me some good.

Today’s rain wasn’t as strong as that, but I still enjoyed it. One thing I missed with the rain today, but I think I only notice this when it rains in summer after a long hot period, is the fresh smell. I love the smell of the rain. Another reason why I like it!

Most people tend to complain about the rain, and I used to myself… but we couldn’t live without it. The weather fits in very nicely with the Law of Allowing. We can’t do anything about it, so why should we complain when it is not doing what we think we want it to? Allowing the rain allows us to focus on other things to feel good about. Complaining about it blocks our feel good path, so all we see is doom and gloom ahead of us.

I prefer the feel good route myself.