Beyond the Sphere

Out in the Grinds the little shield bug trekked

O’er leaf and branch it carefully crept

A few more steps then its climb was done
And from the edge of a leaf it buzzed, away into the sun.

I didn’t manage to catch it flying away. I wasn’t expecting it to fly. I wasn’t expecting it to buzz!

I’d never seen one of these little bugs before, until I discovered one hibernating beneath a strip of wood earlier this year; and now I see them regularly! I wanted to take a few close up photos, so took my mobile phone out to the hedge to see what I could find, and this little fella’s walk couldn’t have been timed better!

Right place, right time.

Always good to know!

As energies flow

Turmoil and torment abound

But we can see light

Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week is Light, and I found myself wondering how I could take an interesting looking photo to highlight light. I have an incense burner with stars and the Moon cut out, and I thought both starlight and moonlight together with candlelight would be ideal to highlight light. I set about taking photos, in the dark, to highlight light even more, but things seemed a little too dark for a light theme. I also have an LED lantern, so I placed it behind the burner, and it provided a rather nice glow around the burner. And there we have it. My response to Light.

The darkness covers the realm, yet lightning flashes revealing beasts and gargoyles alike
Peeling the shadows away, relishing and cursing their delusion of existence
Dreams of revenge splintered by the fragments of a story
That brims with a fiction tinged by truth
Or truth by fiction
With so many blanks to be filled
This reality boons with numerous possibilities
The whole of which aware that by the grace of surety
The darkness is but a bruise,
And one that fails to spread its dislike
Due to the light and goodness that resides inside

I tried something a little different with this Wordle. I used all of the words, but I also used words that could have the opposite meaning to the word as well, not necessarily in the same order!

The words I included are:

beasts/gargoyles; relish/dislike; boons/curse; revenge/grace; brims/inside; splinter/whole; bruise/fail; blanks/aware; flash/darkness; story/truth; peeling/cover; delusion/reality

Just managing to squeeze this entry in before it’s time for the next theme!

Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week is Glass. I’m not sure whether the recent Idon’tknowwhat can be blamed for this, but I was stumped as to what I could use to fit this theme. I could re-use the globe from ‘Imagine’ the other week, I thought, but it’s too soon. Then I thought of using the sunset through the frosted glass window photo from last year, but I wanted something new. Alas, my mind was blank. Was I going to blow it this week? Would my so far (I hope) unstained record of weeks with a response to the theme now be tarnished? Or would I smash it again with another entry?


I looked around for inspiration.

My eyes scanned left… right… left… and then shot back right and focussed on the magnifying glass I have behind my keyboard. It has a light, and a little stand. I know, I thought, I’ll take a photo of a white feather being magnified. So I did:

I liked the effect, but it wasn’t clear enough. I needed to magnify something else.

My eyes once again searched and picked out my crystals. I took a handful, and placed them beneath the magnifying glass, and this is one of the photos I took:

And another photo I’ve used for my featured image:

All in all, I think the pictures turned out OK. They are different… and I like different. And I’ve found a response to the theme!