Do your spirits need raising?

Do you need a burst of that fabulous Feel Good stuff?

Are you feeling a little under the weather, with dark clouds hovering around your person?

Well pop on over to Tilly Bud’s and have a look at what she’s sharing. Fabulous! You’ll be glad you did.

22 thoughts

        1. After watching that video, I wanted to sing in a choir! But believe you me, that would be neither fun nor pleasurable!
          I do like choirs though… good for you for performing there! 🙂

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    1. Awfully sorry, Tilly… just found this comment trapped in my spam folder!
      It certainly looks fun… but if I joined in with my voice, all the fun would vanish immediately! Not one of my strong points, singing!
      Do you take requests? 😉

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    1. Good. Hehehe!
      I don’t even know if a choir could sing this song (or even if they’d want to) but it’s a song I heard recently which I feel is really uplifting, similar but different to the one you’ve all just sung.
      It’s called People Like Us, by Kelly Clarkson. My musical mind 🙄 is saying it would sound fabulous with a choral arrangement. And my foot likes tapping to it!
      If you do it, could you let me know? It’s a big if, but one I have to ask! 😃
      (And you don’t get anywhere not asking!)


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