Beyond the Sphere

Grandeur’ is Debbie’s one-word photo theme for this week. I wanted something that would leap off the screen in a splendid and majestic way, but couldn’t think of anything quite so grand. I had a quick look through some old photos and came across these snaps which definitely display nature’s grand style. So,

They are a little ‘fuzzy’ as the bird wouldn’t stay still very long… nothing to do with my photography skills at all!

And whilst you’re here (if you haven’t already!) would you like to take a candle or two and spread a little light around the world? This link will take you to my post where you will find several candles to choose from. The candles are free to be taken, you don’t need to link back here or anything if you do take one/some/them, I simply created them so we can all share the light.

Just had a bright idea to help to spread a little light around the world… create a few candle images to spread light on various aspects.

If you’d like to share the light on your own blog/site, please feel free to save any or all of the candle images from this post to use in a post, or as a sidebar widget, or however you feel the light should be shared. Quite a few of us are affected by the ‘darkness’ in various ways at present, and quite a few of us are doing our own thing to spread the light. Let’s do it together!


Drum Roll Please.

Shuffling sound heard as envelope is swiftly opened.

The Poortrait is of… Tom Cruise!

Rapturous applause heard from around the room. Lights flashing, highlighting members of the audience clapping and cheering. Smiling. Laughing. Open-mouthed. Puzzled. Confused. Bewildered.

Commotion on stage. Officials on stage.

The wrong envelope.

The Wrong Envelope.

The wrong announcement.

What are the chances of that???

Shuffling sound heard as second envelope is swiftly opened.

The Poortrait is actually of…

What do you mean you don’t know?

It’s Brad Pitt, so obviously, it’s undeniable. Undeniably obvious. Unobviously deniable. Ahem. Is unobviously a word?

Yes, it’s Brad Pitt from the 1994 movie ‘Interview with the Vampire’. I watched it when I was one. Year old, not vampire. Ahem. Again.

One point must go to Val Boyko who actually mentioned this person (although she did change her mind as well and said Tom Cruise, but he was also in the movie; in fact he was the one who turned Brad into a vampire, if my memory serves me correctly) Well done Val!

A nice dose of silliness to lighten the load. And why not?

Just Because.

With Respect. Condolences. And Comfort.

We WILL get there.

As per usual, I’m stumped for a post idea… so, I’ve opted for an old favourite… Poortrait time! Pictured above is a rough, rushed and not quite complete poortrait of someone who is or should be well known to the public. Although, I could be wrong as my previous poortrait proved. Never the less, I’m going with it. Now then, two questions this time… who is (s )he; and for an extra half a point (I’m nothing if not generous) name the movie this poortrait has been created from.

Just for fun. No real prizes will be awarded, and I will not be offended by incorrect guesses… I’m hopeless at portraits. (And as per usual, no offence is intended to the vict subject)

I shall reveal the reveal in a few posts time!