I’m not doing particularly well this month, with Becky’s KindaSquares challenge. It’s a little disappointing really, as kinda anything goes, but I’m trying not to use photos I’ve used before. Although, challenges aren’t challenging if there’s no challenge, I suppose!

So, for today, I’m leaving it here.

With leaves!!! Haha! Autumn leaves. (Not this Autumn’s leaves, I must confess, but still… who’s counting?)

Visit Becky’s site on the link above for more squares.

25 thoughts

  1. Well you always said you might not join us daily this month, so I am very happy with what you have done so far. All kinda brilliant 🙂

    and loving your leaves today too, may I jump in them!!

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  2. I’ve been digging into archives too. Some of my pics are current & some are years old. Since I’ve only been blogging for 15 months, I’ve got some catching up to do. At least you have autumn colors. 😊

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    1. I’m reaching the point where I’ve used all my archives now, and don’t have much chance to get new ones at present, Lisa, so I’m now having to be more creative!

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      1. Creative is good! Or maybe stressful sometimes, depending on how you look at it. My IPhone is a great saver of all things if I don’t find any real images to my liking. I just look around the house or yard for inspiration. 🙂

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