Beyond the Sphere

In the vast expanse of open space
The possibilities are endless
And where there are possibilities
There is hope
And where there is hope
There is the chance of anything
Or nothing
But there’s still a chance


“Don’t bury your head in the sand.” urged the voice.
“Follow your heart, feel the wind race through your hair. I urge you to feel the exhilaration of it all, and create your own special memory. Shout about your experience – from the rooftops if need be! Just don’t miss the point.”
I started to feel the power surging throughout my body… first through my veins, then my muscles, then my skin and hair. The hunger I felt for this feeling was almost insatiable. What form of madness was this?
With my new and boundless energy I unfurled my wings and soared into the sky – brooding, grey and with spots of rain. None of that mattered however.
Above the clouds, I floated in a relaxing silence.
The only sound I could hear was that of my hastily beating heart.
I was exhilarated. Of that, there was no denying.

Bright and cheerful, yes?
Spreading warmth across the land
The golden Sun smiles

Go on… you just KNOW that YOU want to smile!

Dancing lights
Of dust and gas
Powered by starlight
No weight or mass
Lighting the sky
Colourful memories of years gone by

Constantly changing
Even now
Brightly positive
Which just shows how

Things change
And time moves on
But memories linger
When the moment’s gone

Keep positive! Feel Good and create a memory!

Light shines through darkness
Giving hope to blackened souls;
Lifting heavy hearts