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Desert sands in deserted streets
Rippled by the winds of time
Shadowlands has an added treat
As the New Moon is sublime

Echoes fade as darkness falls
Edged by a brilliant blue
Bathing deserted streets and walls
In an electric cosmic hue

From silent alleys shadows appear
Of folk who decided to stay
Forgotten folk who applaud and cheer
The magic being brought this day

As one they laugh and dance and sing
Connected, together once more
The halo, corona, brilliant ring
Brings tears and rapturous applause

Within minutes the show comes to an end
Silence and dust settles all around
Strangers once again lose their friends
And their loneliness is found

Shadows leave those deserted streets
Crumbling bricks and dusty floors
With hopes of another miraculous treat
And the chance of opening doors

D Wallace Peach of Myths of the Mirror has provided the challenge to write something about the above image. I started writing, not knowing where I was going with this, but then it all seemed to come together. Shadowlands is a place within all of us, although not as apparent in some as it is in others. A simple smile can be like an eclipse to one of those ‘Shadow Folk’, just hoping to feel the magic of connection.

Near Death Experience / Reassessment

My Words:
Tears. Lock. Clock. Cogs. Age. Jack. Lad. Slot. Tag. Glad. (10)

Stream of Consciousness based on a true story.

The traffic grid-locked, although ahead my lane is clear. Indicate. Pull out. Drive forward. Traffic lights red ahead. Dead ahead. Jack-the-lad in white van decides he wants my lane and pulls out into my path without looking. I swerve with an inch to spare. Slot back in to my lane. Heart pounding. Driver behind oblivious. Still we both live. I can age another day. No tears.

This year’s clock is running fast. Almost tropical temperatures for February get the cogs working overtime. Highest temperatures ever tagged, yet still frosty mornings. Glad the weather’s normal?


I think that needs reassessing.

100 Words.

Elevensies: The Rose

Genre: Mystery; Romance; Comedy

The museum curator was puzzled.
She hadn’t been sent a red rose since her school days, but in all honesty, at this time of her life, she was prepared to accept one from anyone –  anyone apart from Clammy-Hand Colin that was, big clumsy oaf that he was.
And the note intrigued her too.
“Meet me at the butterfly house after dark”, it read, “And bring a broom.”
Bewitched as she was by her secret admirer, she did as the note asked.
She walked around the side of the insect house, and found a trail of red roses that stretched ahead of her along the path, and into the mist in the distance.
She adjusted her glasses and squinted to see a dark, shadowy figure emerge.
She then saw that the dark, shadowy figure was sweeping.
Sweeping roses.
She had to smother her laughter as the figure promptly slipped on one of the wet stems, steadied himself with his broom, slipped down the handle and fell face first into the petals.
“Colin!” she thought, “He never gives up!”

Elevensies 1.1

Fancy a quick challenge over a cuppa?

The Wordcloud challenge that is as easy as 1 to 1. Well, 11. Eleven words in eleven lines, that’s all there is to it. Well, eleven words in eleven lines incorporating one, two or three randomly selected genres, that is.

The words:

And the randomly selected genres are:


The challenge is to write something, anything (poem / story / paragraph / entire blog post (nah, that wouldn’t work)), using all of the words in the word cloud and your choice of one, two or three of the selected genres above. Your piece MUST ONLY be eleven lines / sentences long and MUST include ALL eleven words… otherwise the challenge would be called Tensies and Ninesies; or Eightsies, and then it wouldn’t sit quite right whilst having your Elevensies.

Write your entry on your own blog, and link back to this post on your post, or link to your post in the comments below. I’ll sort out all of the links later from the thousands hundreds eleven (?) good folk who take part. I wonder if I can get more than eleven? Let’s see. This challenge is open until Tuesday 26th February 2019.

I will post my entry later in the week. I may post two. For 1 + 1, you understand… And I will post another challenge next Wednesday… and you never know, it may be another Elevensy. (I’m not sure that’s a word.)

The Path To Freedom

Welcome child. You have made it to the Final Stage. The Path To Freedom. There’s one way in and one way out. Enter here, and walk, following the Path. Keep on moving. Do not stop. There may be barriers along the way. Blockages. Obstructions. You must turn around and keep on walking. Just keep on. Your objective is to walk until you walk out from the Path again, into freedom. Are you clear on the instructions?


The contestant walked in through the opening, and took two steps to the left. They turned around, and took four steps, now to the right. They turned around again, and took two steps to the left once more, and then walked out through the opening they had just walked through.

“I never realised walking to freedom would be so easy.”

Elaborate, child.

“The instructions clearly said there was one way in and one way out, which must be here. I had to keep walking until I walked out from the path, which is what I did. I encountered no obstructions, but turned anyway, and kept on walking. I followed the instructions to the letter. I didn’t over-complicate things. I just took the easy path to freedom. I chose the easy route which led me to here.”


Sometimes we miss the glaringly obvious by over-complicating things. Sometimes, seeing the bigger picture can be helpful; but sometimes just spotting that one opening can bring rewards in much sooner.  Sometimes, it’s just following instructions. Other times, it’s a leap of faith.


Thanks once again to Hélène from Willow Poetry for providing this picture for her ‘What Do You See?’ Weekly Challenge. I took the easy route with this one!

Weekly challenge