Beyond the Sphere

Ruined Castle

Another sploshing of watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Today’s theme is ‘texture’ so I painted what appears to be a ruined castle in slightly better condition than most!

Sunrise or Sunset?

July is here, and so are two new blogging challenges. Becky is back with her new Squares challenge, the theme this time around is Perspectives; and Charlie is back with his WorldWatercolorMonth challenge of 31 watercolours in 31… Read More

Pastel Monster

Abstract, and not a pumpkin in sight. Mwahahaha! ATC-sized watercolour scribbling… expanded, of course. And poorly photographed. Perhaps you can see something else…?

Buildings in Miniature

A pyramid: A Castle: My new ‘.T.’ series. ATC-sized watercolour pen/pencil interpretations of anything that comes to mind. Quick, five-minute doodles of colour, blended, and photographed wet. Abstract jottings of wherever my mind, and the watercolours decide to… Read More

The Birds (Watercolour)

Completely made up, of course for #WorldWatercolorMonth!