To start off with, there is nothing. Everything begins with nothing.

Then, suddenly out of the darkness, sparks appear.

These sparks are swirling masses of energy, rolling around and around, trying desperately to expand into something bigger – something greater.

These masses of energy attract other objects, other objects that have been created through previous incarnations of creativity.

Suddenly, once again, the masses of energy vanish in the blink of an eye.

Only to reappear, looking like a huge black hole into which more of everything is drawn.

Swirling, ever swirling… creating, ever creating.

The larger they grow, the brighter they glow.

Magical lights dancing, illuminating their immediate surroundings.

A chain reaction of creativity occurs, imploding, exploding, imagining, exploring.

Growing and blending, glowing and branching even further out.

The spark at the very centre begins to take form, using everything in its surroundings for its very own creation.

The idea begins to take shape. Existence has another creation.

Yet again, out of the darkness, something new is born.

We’re fast approaching New Year’s Eve, where 2022 ends and 2023 begins. But that’s really just numbers, thinking about it. Every day is New Year’s Day, every eve New Year’s Eve. May your New Year be filled with the magic of your own creation, and your Universe filled with the magic of your existence.

May your light shine, your ideas grow, and your world be created just the way you want it.

Happy New Year!

20 thoughts

  1. Great explanation TL and I loved the pictures describing what you were explaining….Well done and yes, we will create a better new year. Anything that is born from the light will glow happily and grow beyond our boundaries into a new way of being! A new world! All the best TL….VK

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    1. Thanks, VK. I had fun creating the pictures and adding the words, and, as per the post itself, I had no idea what to create when I first started! I just went with the flow of things.
      Happy New Year, VK, whenever the new year begins! 🙂

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  2. Yes, every day a new beginning, Tom, and I can’t possibly keep pace with those stars, but it’s always good to connect with you. Wishing good health and a fair share of happiness in ’23.

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  3. Awesome Tom! Thought there was an issue with my Internet connection earlier today 🙄 Turned out the black nothingness wasn’t a tech issue at all but just as it was supposed to be – Nothing!! Brilliant the way you brought it all together into something spectacular…and black ⚫️ hole is! And nebulous galactic creation of cosmic proportions😃💯 I think there was a bit of sunflower galaxy🌻 in there and later a touch of Chisanu-AO4🔵 mixed in! Lovely words to lead us towards and into 2023 too…a truly spectacular offering! 😀 Here’s to an evermore creative 2023 when it comes! 💫🌞

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