Wordle: Earth Is Calling

Earth’s call to her inhabitants
Startled some and charmed others
‘Though some looked on with callousness
As they always try to leave their mark

Nature mingled amongst the twisted limbs
In awe as to what was on offer
They filtered out their destruction
Progress and profit first in mind

Purifying rain rinsed away the dust
Cleansing and rejuvenating where it touched
Torn away by chainsaw’s blade and digger’s bite
They soon felt Earth’s call to her inhabitants

A post for Earth Day 2018.

Wordle: Attire

I dress
I confess
Like I belong to a sect
But I don’t
And I won’t
Go down that channel
I inject
Humour no less
As a treat
To this tale
To traverse
The torrid
Of the world
Out there.
Draw a line in the sand
And align
With what’s best
Well, what’s funky
And most surreal.
That’s how I deal
With most of what’s real
And the mess
Of the way how I dress

Wordle: Do(ugh)nuts

It’s a stormy debate
That doesn’t mar the taste
And the silence of a few letters doesn’t help
You still fry the batter
Which way – doesn’t matter
Whole or with a hole, please yourself
The star of the show
Is a sweet round of dough
A glorious gift filled with all manner of guilt
Draft a line in the sand
Decide where you stand
And then use your choice up to the hilt
Some use the ‘ugh’
Whereas others do not…
The charge being neither is wrong
Donut or doughnut
Just don’t eat a lot
You’ll feel wired and not very strong!

This post is also in response to a little mini challenge set by Sharon over at Make Art… Magic Happens.

Wordle: Vamps Again!

“Do stop the snarling, darling,
And mind your sharp teeth on my arms…
Apart from that small scar I saw on your neck
I’d have been all the wiser bar none…
And thought you were being your normal self.”
Now confused, I was able to tilt my body
And throw theirs into the hearth.
Their head hitting the half trunk sent them soundly to sleep.
And now all I have to do is haul them back to their cage.
These vampires crop up at the most inopportune time!