Earth’s call to her inhabitants
Startled some and charmed others
‘Though some looked on with callousness
As they always try to leave their mark

Nature mingled amongst the twisted limbs
In awe as to what was on offer
They filtered out their destruction
Progress and profit first in mind

Purifying rain rinsed away the dust
Cleansing and rejuvenating where it touched
Torn away by chainsaw’s blade and digger’s bite
They soon felt Earth’s call to her inhabitants

A post for Earth Day 2018.

14 thoughts

  1. Happy Earth Day Tom 😀🌍Today is a wonderful day to enjoy the Earth…summer is here till 5pm! Thunder and lightning last night and roasting sunshine today🌡🌝…till 5pm then winger is back! Wonderful planet this is!

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  2. Beautiful sunny day here, our spring finally arrives in this part of the world. Happy Earth Day Tom. Love the pictures, so perfect to honor this day.

    Liked by 2 people

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