Twelve years ago yesterday I launched myself into the fantastical world of blogging. What started as an experiment continues to this day, although under a slightly different blog name, but still under the ‘Well, here goes…’ title.

I wanted the blog to promote Good Feelings and add a little extra positivity out into the world, through my random thoughts. Over time, my random thoughts turned into random poetry (although the term ‘poetry’ is used very loosely, sometimes ‘rhymes’ fits better, and other times ‘utter nonsense’ is more apt!), random photography (through the handy mobilius phoni(ie)us!), and random writing (where I try to squeeze as much as I can out of my overactive imagination into as few a words as possible – sometimes it even works!) I even got the confidence to share my ‘artwork’; now though, I post things that aren’t completely finished… there’s always more to be added!

I’ve met some fabulous characters along the way – and not only my imaginary ones! I thank everyone who has popped by to read at least one of my posts; I thank more those who’ve added a ‘like’ (or a calling card, as I prefer to think of them); and I gush, overflowing with gratitude for those who take the time to comment on my posts, no matter how bizarre they may be.

In some ways it seems an eternity from when I clicked ‘publish’ on that very first post, and yet, at the same time, it feels like it was only last month.

Blogging is a joy. An escape from the mundane. A chance to read thoughts and words, see fantastic photos, creative artwork and enviable creations of other people, anywhere around the world, where normally that would not be possible. It’s a chance to be inspired further, to add to the creative process, and hopefully pass on inspiration to others. It’s a way of making the world smaller, connecting each other through our computers or other devices, that is like no other.

And it’s fun.

Finally, an apology. I’m planning on being here for years yet to come, so if you aren’t used to me yet, there is still time!

For now though, it’s time once again to hit that publish button.

Publish button.

Where’s the publish button…? Ah, got i

27 thoughts

  1. BIG congrats, Tom, on sticking around for 12 years… that is an amazing amount of time right there. My other blog TVTA was 11 years old this month, and like you I can’t imagine not blogging… it’s just so… addictive really, and a wonderful outlet to inspire and be inspired. Bravo to the Mansion!

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    1. Thanks, Ford… I just enjoy being creative and inspired by other bloggers… it just has to be done! (And the Mansion keeps me busy blogging as well!)
      I’ve popped by TVTA a couple of times, I like and am interested in the non-English comic book covers you’ve posted from time to time. I can’t understand a word, and I don’t really know what I’m expecting to see different, but I just like seeing the variations.


      1. Yes…your inners probably need it after all that dimension shifting and your blogging muscle 💪 😉 is probably on its hands and knees😄Althoough I noticed it having a sneaky little flex when it thought no one was looking!😜See you soon – all refreshed and recharged and raring to go!

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    1. …😤 nimble Fingers pressed submit before I was ready! Yes, I’m taking a couple of days posting break, before restarting again; but I ain’t going anywhere yet! (Well, apart from a certain dwarf galaxy perhaps…!) 😊


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