Beyond the Sphere

Blank Page–Oh Woe Is Me!

All that space to fill All those ideas to use All those paths to go down All those questions to ask All begin somewhere My somewhere has gone for a walk today, and left me with this blank… Read More

Strange Phantom

The phantom didn’t like images.             The phantom had a way of spiriting them away. Subtly, of course.

Reduced Power

Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed something recently that isn’t that apparent to those who are less eagle-eyed. Although having said that, those with eagle-eyes could be excused for missing it, all things considered. You may have noticed in… Read More


As clear as the eye can see It’s clearly transparent, see? But when seeing something you cannot see Does this alter the transparency? Art takes many forms, but I wonder if anyone has posted a transparent picture before?… Read More

Running on empty

Disclaimer More waffle to keep things ticking along. Background I miss the olden days of blogging. When I say olden days, I don’t mean the days when I first started out blogging, as I felt, back then, that… Read More