Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed something recently that isn’t that apparent to those who are less eagle-eyed. Although having said that, those with eagle-eyes could be excused for missing it, all things considered.

You may have noticed in the last few posts simply words, no pictures, no featured images.

You may not have noticed either, considering out of the last three posts, only two of them contained words, and one had merely a picture. And this post too, is rather text heavy and slightly light on the old picture side.

We’re running on reduced power here at Beyond the Sphere at present. And yes, I’m well aware that some people will quip that there really isn’t much change there then (thank you person at the back there!) but I wanted to post my exc reasons.

I’ve been kidnapped by aliens, you see, and infected with some alien lurgy… and have very patchy internet in the cargo hold of their ‘luxurious’ space cruiser. When Mars gets in Earth’s way, there is no signal strength at all.

The clock going back has affected my equal librarian sending me completely out of whack with my immediate surroundings. Not that I could argue I was totally in whack to begin with, but right now I’m here and my whack is waaay over there.

After the work on the Bathroom was finally completed, I had dozens of teeth extracted, and I’m now in the process of having thousands of feelings. Yes, I did type feelings there, and although I meant fillings feelings came out. As they do. And when having a filling, I feel you really don’t want to feel feelings. Apart from the numbness wearing off hours after the operation(s) it(them)sel(f/ves). See. Equal Librarian. Out of whack. I blame Mars.

Something’s in Retrograde. I can feel it. I don’t know what, but I can just tell. Maybe it’s ‘cos I is upside down.

I also have a sniffle. Some may describe it as Man-Flu, but not I. ‘Tis a sniffle and it only hurts when I blow my nose. Which seems to be like all of the time at the moment, and with my nose being just above my feeling-filled mouth, I have a lot of different feelings to deal with in that area.

And they say men don’t talk about their feelings. I’ve waffled on about them incessentantly during this pictureless waffle. Ah well. Sometimes no pictures can be a blessing. You should see the shade of red on my hooter.

Not as red as in Mars red, which to me has always been more of a brown but who am I to argue with science, but almost as red as the red squiggly lines which highlight the words which Spellchecker thinks I have spelled/spelt incorrectly. Obviosuly, I haven’t, but Spellchecker doesn’t know that.

So, there we have it.

My exc reasons for working on reduced power at present. Obviously (well not obviously, obviously), normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, and posts around here will return to their usual technicolour greatness.

Alien spaceship wifi and missing whack withstanding, I shall be replying to comments and visiting soon. I feel like I’m always saying that.

It’s true, you know. It’s good to talk about your feelings.

I shall see you in the next post / comment reply/ YOUR blog soon!

Feel Good now!

11 thoughts

  1. Donning my nurses outfit as I type. Should I bring a stethoscope I wonder? Hmm…. Bringing stethoscope, cough medication (just in case), tissues, thing you stick up your nose to help you breathe more easily… and paracetamol tablets. Oh, and just to be on the safe side, a rubber ring so that you can sit in comfort.

    There. That should do the job. If I catch the No. 17 bus round the corner, I could be with you within [draws air in between pursed lips] ooo, I’d say … ten days?!.

    Aw, I hope you’re feeling on top of the world again very soon, Tom. 🙂

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    1. Now Tom…What would we do without Miss Cob?
      I do feel your pain or would if I could aford to do what you have done. Not the bath redo although that would be nice too ..I mean the teeth thing. Since I am still paying for my late husbands teeth thing mine has to wait …and wait and wait some more . Just think how wonderful things will be when its all over.
      Don’t stay on Mars too long we may forget all the fun things you do. lol

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      1. I know, Beverly. she’s a guddun, Cobs, isn’t she?
        I’m getting there… just a few more trips to go, I believe. Then the aftercare begins!
        I’m still getting the intermittent signal, so some things are getting through. I should be back to full power soon (although I have said that before!!!) 😀


    2. Aw thanks, Nurse Cobs.
      Don’t forget to change just on the other side of Birmingham, but catch the number 32A, the 32 will take you all the way around the houses!


  2. Oh dear, a whack out of whack is indeed a saad whaccky thing, not to mention the feeling fillings and red hooter to boot. Mars really has a lot to answer for!
    PS – right behind Cobs with some crystals and essential oils

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  3. Hilarious, and I feel for you and that dental work. I think those nerves are all connected and that’s why you have a runny nose. Feel better soon and keep that great sense of humor, it does help

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  4. You never do things by halves do you Tom! 🙂 ❤

    Teeth, Man-flu, rubber ring (been there!!! OUCH!!!) and those bloody Aliens!!! 🙂 ❤

    Mercury is in retrograde right now ( I have a whole new bunch of friends, so I’m happier than I have ever been and learning a lot!!!) so understandable! 🙂 ❤

    Love and hugs my friend and get well soon!!! 🙂 ❤


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