Beyond the Sphere

Bridging the Gap

This post Has been deliberately inserted To bridge the gap Between Tuesday and Sunday inverted Monday’s post was due to appear But the stream of consciousness had other ideas The time was right but the words were wrong… Read More

Reduced Power

Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed something recently that isn’t that apparent to those who are less eagle-eyed. Although having said that, those with eagle-eyes could be excused for missing it, all things considered. You may have noticed in… Read More

Just Because…

Well, ‘tis done… First line: Published: 2,500. Now, onwards and upwards!

Spammerty Spam Spam

My Spam Folder has only recently been cleared out… but not before I made a note of all of the comments to use in a future post! And guess what? This is the said post! Hermes Birkin started… Read More

Gremlins on the Eve of Vampyre’s Day

On the night before Vampyre’s Day All was calm, and quiet, I was about to say I opened Live Writer to write my post And was slightly shocked, to say the most (That should have been ‘least’ but… Read More