Here we are with One Word Sunday once again. Debbie has selected Touch for this week’s theme, and I have gone with this… but can you tell what it is?

I shall not keep you guessing. Oh no, not this week.

It’s a touch of yellow paint on my pallet that I found by chance yesterday.

Obviously, it’s now dry to the touch. As it’s quite a bright yellow, and the middle photo’s square, I’m also linking this post to Becky’s BrightSquares.

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We’re not quite fully there yet, but we will be! Summer’s on its way!

Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is Outdoor, so I’ve gone for a nice outdoor view. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the colours are as bright as the day itself, so this is another Bright Square for Becky. It’s also a view of nature at her finest, so this is my third post for Earth Day (on April 22nd).

Using the links above will take you to Debbie and Becky’s sites to see more takes on both themes.


(the people of) The Earth
The Climate
The Earth (and the people)

Posted in response to Eugenia’s weekly prompt, Reflections.

The picture is not mine. Eugenia selected the image Colorful Illumination that ‘Waterbaby’ uploaded to

As it’s Earth Day on April 22nd, I’ll be posting some Earth-related posts over the next few days. This is the first.