Beyond the Sphere

Ready! Steady! Go! It Begins Now!

Need change? Then let it happen! Indeed. I’m always saying that it’s time for things to begin afresh. Get rid of the old, bring in the new… that sort of thing. Our entire lives have brought us to… Read More

Wednesday Wordle: Cold’s Embers

The siren in my head has gone, Just a fragment of the cold remains In the wreckage of my aching body. Eyes swollen with salty tears Still leak for now. And only for now. I’m still suffering from… Read More

Chainsaw Melodies

With lips red raw and cracked, I hauled myself out of bed just after the alarm sounded at 5:15am. I dragged myself to the Bathroom, and even before I switched the light on I could see the equally… Read More

Ode to a Cold

Thou blight me with thy rasping throat Running eyes and deepened croak Leaking face and aching arms And others of thy wondrous charms A cough that starts and doesn’t stop A sneeze! A sneeze! A sneeze and hop!… Read More

One’s Ache

If one’s ache was one ache, one’s ache would be fine, But one’s ache is lots of aches, here and there, at the same time. Another ache aches when another ache aches Making one ache in anticipation of… Read More