The siren in my head has gone,
Just a fragment of the cold remains
In the wreckage of my aching body.
Eyes swollen with salty tears
Still leak for now. And only for now.

I’m still suffering from a cold at present, but nowhere near as bad as the past few days. I’m slowly getting back into visiting and blogging again, and through it all I’ve managed to keep the posts ticking over… which, actually, is a small miracle in itself! This is the last Six Word Wednesday, hosted by Brenda (at the Sunday Whirl – link on banner above!), so I’d just like to say a quick Thank You to Brenda for providing these words – and the Sunday ones, obviously! – it’s amazing what inspiration can come from a few different words!


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth – I hope you’re all better now – it isn’t the best when they linger like that! I just have to keep on at the moment – but at least writing takes me out of myself for a few minutes!


  1. Very well done. The writing helps with the voices, also humor does as well. If you have the chance, please when you can check out my blog at gastradamus and let me know what you think. The current hot topic is about SeaWorld, would love your input when you have the time.

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    1. This cold’s been a shocker, Oldegg!
      I don’t mean to sound as though I’m gloating about Summer approaching or anything (and with our weather at the present being worse than it was in Winter that kind of balances things a little, I have to say!), I hope you have a mild Winter.


  2. You are more than welcome for the words. It’s fun to see what comes through different pieces each week. I’m glad you are on the mend, Tom. The older I get, the more “the wreckage of my aching body” becomes a reality. Maybe it’s the wreckage of my aging body. lol Keep spreading your cheer!

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  3. Glad you’re beating the cold Tom! 🙂

    We had snow in the morning, bright sunshine while I shopped, heavy rain as I waited for my food delivery, then I got to bed at about 2pm only to be awakened at 6pm by voices in the hallway – adults this time – and About 7.15pm the skies darkened and we had a wet hailstorm that took the temperature from 7.6’C to 3.2’C.

    Great British weather!!! :/

    God bless!


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