It’s One Word Sunday once again, and the theme this week is Drama.

I had a little drama trying to get this posted today, my computer is off doing something by itself in the background causing things in the foreground to run just a little more slowly. Still, it’s posted now and in plenty of time!

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  1. Computers are always able to cause drama, aren’t they? My husband’s in IT guy, so I have lots of secondhand experience with that drama! 🙂 Hope your Sunday isn’t dramatic, at least in any bad ways.


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      1. Yes thank you Tom… It was a local problem, due to a battery being taken… or something in a back up box they have on the road with all of those wires I was told…. So we had a small power outage and I thought it was electrical at first… But all sorted now.. 🙂

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        1. How we take things for granted, though Sue, and only notice them when they’re gone! I couldn’t call out on my mobile phone earlier today, which made me stop and think… otherwise the call would have just been made without a second thought!
          Good that everything is OK now though! 🙂

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