It’s One Word Sunday once again, and the theme this week is Drama.

I had a little drama trying to get this posted today, my computer is off doing something by itself in the background causing things in the foreground to run just a little more slowly. Still, it’s posted now and in plenty of time!

23 Comments on “Drama

  1. Computers are always able to cause drama, aren’t they? My husband’s in IT guy, so I have lots of secondhand experience with that drama! 🙂 Hope your Sunday isn’t dramatic, at least in any bad ways.


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    • Thanks, Janet. I work in IT as well so I should be used to computer issues,but they always catch me out! 😀
      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday too!

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      • Yes thank you Tom… It was a local problem, due to a battery being taken… or something in a back up box they have on the road with all of those wires I was told…. So we had a small power outage and I thought it was electrical at first… But all sorted now.. 🙂

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        • How we take things for granted, though Sue, and only notice them when they’re gone! I couldn’t call out on my mobile phone earlier today, which made me stop and think… otherwise the call would have just been made without a second thought!
          Good that everything is OK now though! 🙂

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