A Duck Escape

Very pleased to meet you, I’m sure
‘Though I’m not all that high off the floor
I like land, air and wet
But better than that
I like nibbles and bread and much more!

Got any?

I need a surreal escape today, and this little chap has provided just that, with the inspiration for a Silly Limerick! And if you look closely, you will see that the duck is actually smiling (more so in his eyes)!

16 Comments on “A Duck Escape

  1. Such a cute guy, Tom. I like your rhyme too. Reminds me of a song I taught my school kids.”Be kind to your web-footed friends, for a duck may be somebody’s uncle……..” 😅

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    • Even though we can’t give bread to them, Beverly, they still like it! 😁
      I think it’s the amount we collectively give them that’s the issue… or so I read once.
      But I agree, he is a fine looking specimen!

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  2. Sooooo Handsome! He does look a bit hungry yet he is plump and sassy….He just wants food and attention…..Take him home to the mansion TL….If ducks can stay in that exclusive hotel, he can be at the mansion! VK

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    • He’d probably fit in very well at the Mansion, VK, but would miss his friends at the Lake. They couldn’t all come here, not like those running critters in the video! 😳😁

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      • Oh sure they could! Look at all the floors and wings you have there. They could have their own space with a duck door to go in and out to the pond. Great fun 🙂

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        • I suppose… but the Mansion may move the duck door and they’d end up stuck outside anyway. You know what the Mansion’s like! 🙄😄

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    • No vineyard here, Chris – not that I know of anyhow! Unless there’s one in the Iter Grinds. I do love ducks, but that many (in the video) zipping back and to would probably drive me quackers! 😁

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