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Clues come in many forms. Here’s many.

As a backdrop
With a striking theme
The mystery person
Used to be seen
Then along came a prince
Who swept her away…
Did the hostile takeover
End peacefully that day?

Several clues here which may or may not help with my latest portrait’s identity. I don’t want to give things away too soon… although we may not have to wait until next week to find out.

*Featured Image from Pixabay

Portrait. But of WHO???

I’ve been feeling a little creative of late, and decided to have another go at painting a portrait. OH NO! I hear you shriek… that’s fine, I shrieked it myself.

Instead of wasting using watercolour, I decided to go down the digital route with this one, and wasted a few thousand pixels and several thousand seconds instead. I shall give a few clues, but will not reveal who it is until a future post. The last time I did this I had so much fun with the almost correct guesses I had to do it again! On with the clues…

She is a she.

She has links to Robin of Loxley.

Erm… she was on TV; she may still be.

She is a she. I know, I’m very helpful.

Her hair isn’t quite right, and neither’s her face… I have a tendency to go down the caricature route with my portraits, and although this isn’t meant to be a caricature some of the features are exaggerated slightly. Hey ho! so be it. It’s still ‘art’. Well, a creation anyway. And colourful. I like a Splodge and Splatter of colour every now and then.

Now then… just who is she??? Hmmm…


Standing still, yet carried along as the water ripples by.
Transfixed by the gentle ebb and flow, and hypnotised by the many thousands of sparkles that dance both joyously and chillingly upon the surface.
Point after point after point… dip after dip after…
Thoughts fade. Reality blurs and merges into a new singularity.
Enveloped in silence, frozen between here and now. Nothing is moving.
My mind has wandered. I know that now.
I’m drifting against the flow. The water is taking me; carrying me.
This way and that, one way and then the other.
And yet still I stand.

Happy Monday!

Hey, doooooooods! It’s really groovy that I get, like, another chance to pop by and say “Hi!” Remember me? Crimson Rainbow Butterfly – I called by this pad last year, and now I just want to, like, radiate some love and stuff and sprinkle some petals of peace around the place. Beads, man! Beads.

Go with the flow. Give peace a chance. Yesterday is just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be. Right on! That A Non dude is so cool, what with all his cool quotes ‘n’ stuff.

Have a Groovy Feel Good Monday! Shine brightly and spread joy! You’ll thank yourself!