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  1. Wow, my favorite flowers ablaze! 🙂 Something was cutting my baby sunflowers at the base of the stem, even though they’re in a fenced garden (still have a few intact). Glad to see you have a field of them! 🙂

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    1. Do they not bloom later in the Summer, Sue? I’m not very green-fingered, but seem to remember them later rather than earlier. They’re very impressive, aren’t they?

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        1. Hi Eugenia… I think I’m in your spam folder again… I’ve commented on your Opalescence post and replied to Sue, but I’ve vanished into the ether once more! 😀

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  2. Summer’s having a good try at being ablaze down here, but it is yet to match that beautiful image🌝 Funnily enough, (I’ve only just caught up with this one) I’m working on a sunflower 🌻 post currently…of sorts 😉 Slow progress as I find myself caught up in creating arty thingies and one thing leads to another…and the post itself keeps on being “in progress”🙃 Maybe I will stay here for a while and continue to gaze upon the blaze!

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    1. I very often find myself waylaid, Icewolf. I’m meant to be reading this afternoon, I’ve given myself permission to… but I got a little waylaid with replying to comments. Good thing too, if you ask me, as I’m that far behind!
      Summer’s here today. It’s scorching.


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