Beyond the Sphere

Elevensies: The Rose

Genre: Mystery; Romance; Comedy The museum curator was puzzled. She hadn’t been sent a red rose since her school days, but in all honesty, at this time of her life, she was prepared to accept one from anyone… Read More

Elevensies 1.1

Fancy a quick challenge over a cuppa? The Wordcloud challenge that is as easy as 1 to 1. Well, 11. Eleven words in eleven lines, that’s all there is to it. Well, eleven words in eleven lines incorporating… Read More

A Nightmare on a Saturday Morning!

Well, a borderline bad dream, anyway! My all-singing all-dancing supercomputer has stopped working. That said, it is working, just some of the programs on it aren’t. Programs suddenly close down on opening, and can’t be uninstalled to be… Read More

Let the Blogging Commence

No, not commence. Resume. No. Start again? No. That isn’t quite right. Begin over. Nah. That doesn’t cut the mustard. Start where I left off? Nope. Carry on as before. No. No. No! Pick up where I left… Read More

Have a GOOD Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day. BAH HUMBUG! However YOU feel about the day… have a GOOD one!