Beyond the Sphere

Frazzled Rabbits!

It should be White Rabbits, what with it being March 1st. That was MARCH 1ST. After the HOTTEST February on record. Well, hottest last few days of February, that is. Most odd. The white rabbits are rather hot… Read More

Near Death Experience / Reassessment

My Words: Tears. Lock. Clock. Cogs. Age. Jack. Lad. Slot. Tag. Glad. (10) Stream of Consciousness based on a true story. The traffic grid-locked, although ahead my lane is clear. Indicate. Pull out. Drive forward. Traffic lights red… Read More

Find-a-word Challenge

Following on from the success of last week’s Elevensies challenge, this week I am setting a different Wednesday Challenge. It’s the… It’s actually the ‘Find-A-Word’ Challenge, but the graphics team couldn’t find the A for some reason. I… Read More

Palace of Light

The Great Moon Palace Glistens in the Winter Snow Cutting through the dark After the journey Crook lit and cloak protected It’s good to be home Winter still holds us But soon the season will pass As Spring’s… Read More

Warning Signs

Bathe in a golden calming light Keep the negative red at bay Pay heed to the signs that are all around And act sensibly come what may Keep calm and carry on!