Uh oh…

Is somethin’ goin’ down?


      1. It seems to have disappeared. But what I get now when I go to to comment is a drop down box that has to be completed with my email, website url and name, before it will post the comment. Yesterday I couldn’t successfully post any comments due to god knows what !

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        1. Yes, I get that on occasions as well, Raili – but not this time luckily. I can tell when it’s starting to play up with this issue as my comments seem to ‘vanish’ for a second or two. The ‘array’ thing was new though.

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  1. Uh-oh, indeed! I had some WordPress oddities this week, too – my blog decided to add little red tags that said “Save” all over my latest post. When I looked in the text version, there was a big long HTML string to create the tag… but I hadn’t added it. I later figured out that it was my Pinterest add-on going haywire, and once I removed it everything went back to normal. But I’ve had Pinterest installed for months without issues. Weird. Must be something in the ether this week…

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