Hallelujah! Something else is working again!

I’m not really one for rejoicing. Shouting things from the rooftops… mind you, my voice is that quiet nobody would hear it anyway, from up there… but! I digress.

I’ve been thwarted of late with this computer problem, that glitch, and the other palaver, but I persevered. I stuck through the issues like an old photograph that keeps turning up unexpectedly. I hung on in when the easiest option would have been to throw the computer through the window. I carried on regardless knowing that, although thwarted, I wasn’t defeated.

So what if Pingbacks aren’t working. Pah! I thought, as I wondered where my Pingbacks had actually gone to.

Thinking that my Pingbacks were gone forever, I resumed my normal routine, still using them when needed without giving them a second thought. Today, I removed the Sticky Status from the poll post for the Beyond the Sphere Sound of Summer! and added a link to it in the sidebar over to the right there, and as soon as I saved the changes I was buried in all of the Pingbacks. Well, figuratively speaking. With a tad of over-exaggeration thrown in for good measure. The good news is they’re working again. Hurrah!

By the way, the poll is still open for the Sound of Summer! if you’d like to have a little peaky sneak!


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