I’ve just spent ALL morning trying to solve a little issue with my new Super Duper computer. The problem was, admittedly, a strange one – mind you, with me, computer problems usually are. Drop down menus in the web browser would only drop down for the briefest of flashes – not even a second – but I was able to type into the field and make a selection that way. And my 3D art software continually scrolled into the distance when I looked at the viewer, or tabbed in turn through the individual workspace tabs, not allowing me to click on one and do anything.

I closed all programs and reopened them – the problem was still there.

I restarted the computer and restarted the programs – the problem was still there.

I switched off the computer and unplugged it from the wall socket, switched it back on again, reopened the programs, and the problem was STILL there.

I was reaching the point of exasperation. I’ve just installed a new driver for my graphics, and pondered if this were the problem. My eyes glanced over to my little Angel statue I have beside my keyboard and just in front of it I noticed a charger cable running across the top right corner of the keyboard. Running across the ‘-‘ key in the top right corner. Pressing down the ‘-‘ key in the top right corner of the keyboard.

I moved the cable. Reopened the programs. All now OK. Problem solved.

This was an ID 10T error.

Pesky cables – always catching me out!

A @~%$&! Six Word Saturday post.

Six Word Saturday

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