Beyond the Sphere

Do you remember the other day, I posted a watercolour which I named ‘Pebbles by the Shore’? There’s a little reminder to the left there.

Well, today’s watercolour is part two of that. A view of the other side of the shore. I wanted it to look similar, but not the same. I included a little wooden walkway in this scene, as there has to be at least one way to get down to the pebbles (or boulders, depending on how you view things!) without mountaineering down the sandy banks.

I think they work well as a pair.

Watercolour ten of ten for #WorldWatercolorMonth. This took one and a half hours to complete, so I stole just a little more time with this one!

Just a simple house.

Only it took two hours to complete, and then I had to return to finish the windows off! It was actually meant to be symmetrical, but watercolours have a mind of their own, and this is how it turned out (hehehe. I think I got away with it!)

Another watercolour for #WorldWatercolorMonth. Nine of nine, in fact!

And another hour goes by. And another day, according to my latest sploshing of colour for #WorldWatercolorMonth – my eighth now, in eight days! I think some of the blending of the colours in this attempt is OK, but some are shockingly terrible. The land on the horizon still needs work, and the clouds need touching up just a tad. The water looks like parched land – well, that’s how it looks around here at the moment – a little too solid for water, but I can live with that… even though it’s meant to be water. The seagulls indicate water is around somewhere – we can pretend we are out to sea looking into land, instead of looking across a wide bay somewhere.

It’s a good thing the imagination can step in when needed!

I don’t think the flash on my cracked mobile phone likes my watercolour paintings. Or maybe it’s my computer screen, which seems to enhance every flaw in the painting as it displays it at 500% magnification. Although maybe, it may be my slightly less than perfect eyesight which tricks me into believing that the watercolour looks done, when it well and truly isn’t.

Having only an hour to paint these, though, it’s hardly surprising they’re rushed and unfinished, but, and this is a big but, practice makes perfect. If I can paint a spectacular watercolour in an hour, I’ll be happy. If I can paint a spectacular watercolour in an hour I’ll also be a miracle worker, but we’ll not go there. Not this time.

The alternative title to this watercolour was going to be ‘boulders by the shore’ but it didn’t garner the kind of image I was going for.

All that said, I had great fun once again creating this picture for #WorldWatercolorMonth. It really is a splendid way to spend an hour, regardless of the end result!

And by my reckoning, that makes it seven out of seven. I’m doing fabulous!

Six watercolours in six days. Woohoo!

And this watercolour contains water and colour! Yes, it’s a watercolour water colour! Well, a colourful Mandarin Duck merrily swimming on a lake somewhere. Not my Lake… I’ve yet to see a mandarin there in real life, but you never know… until then, a watercolour (another quick one!) will have to suffice.

For #WorldWatercolorMonth