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  1. Whatever you see; whatever you want; whatever you’re hoping for …. it can be yours, Tom. You just have to stand up, take a deep breath in, and be brave. Go in the direction you need to be, and go after what it is which you’re longing for.

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  2. Great stuff TL…Just to put my two cents worth in here however, I have grown over time, to relate more deeply to faith than hope. With hope you are waiting for something to emerge from the hope. With faith it is always present and needs no waiting. It just is….Either way the point is, I think, to keep going and believe in yourself!!! VK

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    1. Yes, I see what you mean, VK. I see faith and hope as being on both sides of the same coin, if that makes sense… kind of like fate and destiny, similar but different.
      And that belief in yourself is key… when it’s lacking you can certainly feel it! πŸ˜€

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