Beyond the Sphere

Six Syllable Sat’day: Out of here!

Just taking a quick break. ‘Though you shouldn’t notice. Posts are being scheduled. I’m in a galaxy Far, far, far, far away… Mobile signal patchy. Beach is very dusty. The nights are very cold. The cocktails are good… Read More

Island of Dreams

The Land of Nod beckoned. Stars shone brightly in an almost clear and endless sky, each one representing someone’s dream; someone’s hope. The island sparkled in the starlight, frozen on the horizon, frozen in time. The Land of… Read More

Wordle: Neptune’s Fury

Frothy water In the wake of the horse-drawn shell Zigzagging through the vast blue ocean As if trying to stitch the waves together Neptune travels Sense of urgency A shrill wind And an icy chill that begins to… Read More


Glancing upwards on a snowy night Look towards the bright Moonlight You may think you see a shooting star But it’s really a good friend from afar Filled with joy he laughs and soars Bringing joy to girls… Read More

Come With Me

A thousand thousand worlds await So close your eyes, sit up straight Or lay back, the choice is yours As some worlds we shall explore Turbulent skies and windswept plains Sun-drenched beaches where it hardly rains Sheer cliff… Read More