Beyond the Sphere


Majestic in shade and splendid in flight, Raven makes himself known only when he wants to. He hunts for lost souls, strangers, waifs and strays… sometimes to help and other times to hinder. Like the bird he shares… Read More

Starweaver’s Gift

Settle ye down, drift off to sleep I’ll try to give you a memory to keep Of a pleasant land not so far away Of peace and tranquillity in every way Settle ye down, relax and become one… Read More

Car then canapés

The weather had been amazing. Glorious blue skies, bright sunshine, and the gentlest of breezes. Afternoon tea and scones had, as usual, gone down remarkably well, with everyone commenting on how fresh the strawberries had been. Lady Salinger-Wallis,… Read More


“Don’t worry, ma’am… everything’s under control!” Lady Salinger-Wallis screamed ~ in between fits of uproarious laughter ~ as Edward, her chauffer, tried his very best to bring the hot air balloon back under his control. Somehow they’d managed… Read More

Half-baked time saver

I do not believe it! I’m sat here, covered in flour after being batted back and to like a ball in a five hour round of tennis. Round of tennis? Match? Set? Game? Bah! Anyway, I digress. For… Read More