Beyond the Sphere

Characters Calling: Walpole E. Epstein

They’re jumping on the bandwagon now. Originally posted June 23rd 2012. Other parts to this tale can be found by clicking on the Storylines menu link above… look for The Road to Meringue… Sometimes, days are just plain… Read More

Characters Calling: Lady Salinger-Wallis

Erm… sorry about this. Originally posted on June 25th 2011: Lady Salinger-Wallis squealed with delight as she slipped down the artificial ski-slope. She wasn’t standing; she had fallen at the top of the slope trying to attach one… Read More

Characters Calling: Florence

I did say another would be along shortly, but this is ridiculous! Originally posted September 30th 2011… A familiar face appears within my mind’s eye…An unforgettable face, no matter how I try.A kind face, a peaceful face, but… Read More

Characters Calling: Caitlin

Apologies for this repost, but I couldn’t resist Caitlin’s demands to post this again. She made me write this in the first place, but, if I’m being honest, I rather quite like it myself.There will be one or… Read More