Beyond the Sphere

Thoughts on Tuesday

February 14th. If you celebrate it, enjoy. Otherwise, HAPPY TUESDAY!!!

Happy Monday!

Hey, doooooooods! It’s really groovy that I get, like, another chance to pop by and say “Hi!” Remember me? Crimson Rainbow Butterfly – I called by this pad last year, and now I just want to, like, radiate… Read More

Winter Sun

  With just a touch of snow… neither of which have made an appearance around here today, but it seems both have threatened to! Hehehe! Yup… another digital snowman post. They come in handy!

Twisted Claptrap (hmmm)

I was recently introduced to a new form of poem called a clerical –nope – clarion – not that – cladogram – nah – clavicorn – claptrap – ah, a clerihew! A whimsical four-line biograph where the first… Read More

Slightly Spooky Totally Silly Limerick 2016-2: The Siren

There was an old siren called Bet Who transfixed everybody she met Until one fateful day When fate crossed her way And she became Raven’s new pet Now Raven she tried to transfix But sometimes some things just… Read More