Have I mentioned I love superheroes?

They’ve been a part of my life since the dawn of time. Since before then, in fact! The tales, the mysteries, the secrets and lies, the relationships, the nemesiseses, everything about them I find fascinating.

I’ve been following Paul English’s Fire Angel Universe of books, which have introduced me to a plethora of new superheroes and their supporting casts of characters, for some time now. Paul lives in South Africa, and has released a fair few books detailing the stories of these characters from this universe of his, named after his first superhero, Fire Angel – or Haley Hunter, to go forcibly against the superhero code and divulge her secret identity to the entire world.

Haley is just your normal teenager until a chance encounter transforms her into… well, you know the name – and for the rest of her origin story, I would suggest you take a look at Paul’s books. You don’t have to like superheroes to like the stories, but you’ll get a buzz if you do.

I’ve been creating a few piccies featuring FA. That’s Fan Art; Fire Angel Fan Art, to broaden the succinctness.

These images are based on a couple of the covers of Paul’s books, and Fire Angel’s costume is almost as it appears, although artistic licence and my seamstress skills means there are some (not so subtle) differences.

They were fun to create, and made a nice change to create pictures featuring a different character from an entirely different universe, as opposed to those in my superhero universe.

And there you have it – if proof was needed – multiple universes do exist in this precise moment of time…!

Paul has a blog, if you’d like to read more about what he’s up to, here’s the link.

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