Just a quick post this to mention something that appears to be going on at present, which is beyond the reach of the technical team here Beyond the Sphere.

I’ve noticed a few comments lately having to be rescued from my Spam folder; I’ve had no indication at first that there are even messages inside the Spam folder, and then, later and quite suddenly, I’m advised. As soon as I know, I delve right in, and retrieve the comment.

I’ve created a quick question and answer section which may help:

How would I know I’ve been flung into Spam?

When this has happened to me in the past, my comment just seems to disappear. The post I’m commenting upon appears again as normal on screen, without my comment. When I try to comment again, that too vanishes. It is most odd. but it happens from time to time.

Told you it was a quick question and answer section.

Rest assured, that as soon as I spot your comment within my Spam folder, it will be retrieved and moderated without haste (unless it is a genuine Spam message – and then it will be catapulted further on within the Spam Realm!) Hopefully this will be a short-lived issue, and I apologise if you find yourself caught up in this spammin’ predicament.

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  1. Seems Sue over at Dreamwalkers experienced this as well…Have a little chat with her…Strange stuff going on these days. Think of it this way TL, as we continue in our final shift of this old paradigm to new paradigm, why wouldn’t comments, emails etc. be lost and tossed in wrong places? The same places really don’t exist any more…Now chew on that a while 🙂 VK

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  2. I get no emails from WordPress any more warning of a message, just ‘likes’.

    I’ve given up trying to fix it although Sue did pop up at one point to be verified which I did and things went back to abnormal. 😦

    WordPress is decaying… 😦

    God Bless!


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  3. Similar issues here . . . . I only usually spot them when I use the old WP Admin page rather than the fancy new one. Never thought though about the same happening to my comments, guess just have to accept they may or may not be found one day . . but if they are they will hopefully be a lovely surprise.

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          1. Hi Tom just been chatting to WordPress and they are now acknowledging there is something happening. However because we are all approving as we go they can’t investigate!
            Anyhow they know both you and I have problems, and I’m going to contact them again as soon as it happens again and before I unspam and approve.

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            1. Well, this is good news, Becky. If it weren’t for others explaining similar problems, I would have thought it was only me again (it usually happens that way!)
              Hopefully the problems will be resolved very swiftly and we can resume blogging with the regular grace we once had! 😀

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        1. Becky (above) has reported the problem to WordPress and they are looking into it now. Because we release and approve the comments they are finding it hard to trace, but we can’t leave folk languishing in spam, can we?

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