‘Tis such a blow
You know
When all you see
Is ya nose

And all the more so,
When it looks so frowny.

It’s a slow blogging day today.

My Gravatar Avatar has served me well over the past few years. A representation of my face in a perfectly formed square, with a pleasant smile, and the ability to add the odd special effect here and there, when needed. The problem with my Gravatar Avatar lately, however, is that it doesn’t fit the new round Gravatar Avatar windows that are appearing on more and more themes. Now that I have a new theme (Have you noticed? (Yes, I know I change my theme every third month, but I like to try them out!)) they’re round when you comment and I reply. And in my image, all I can see is a frowning nose. Yes, I have seen this before, and I could handle it on other folk’s fine blogs, but now that it’s on my own, things need to alter.

I shall be in need, therefore, of a new Gravatar Avatar.

Change. It’s constantly evolving.

It’s time to peel away the old face and start again!


    1. That’s something different, Becky… I’ve only just this minute changed the image. If it was the grey box yesterday, I have no idea what caused that. Another glitch, perhaps? (Oh, no, not another!) 😉


  1. Love everything about your new gravatar Tom. And this has to be the best theme to date.. Love this lighter look and the Home page start with all the boxes too.. Even your previous post is all pretty with its header picture theme of the post.. LOVE love LOVE it..

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  2. Gosh … I’m like a cat I don’t like change unless it’s for the better; then, I might be okay with it. I liked your gravatar. I like the square shape. It has a manly feel. A round face and image looks a bit not so manly. But, with yours you’ve added those images on the sides which gives it an artsy look. But … what about when you change your theme in a few months … what happens??? I’m also as curious as a cat. LOLOL OK … silliness in the house or mansion.
    Isadora 😎

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    1. I’m hoping to stay with this theme for a while now, Isadora… that is unless WordPress bring out another theme which is better, then I’ll go with that! It’s all about the look with me.

      Not that I’m vain, or anything… I hasten to add! 😀

      And thanks… at least my gravatar isn’t all nose now!

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        1. I heard a quote yesterday that I like, Isadora… it’s our differences that make us special. Although my nose isn’t that much different to anyone else’s, it had the appearance of being viewed through a fish eye lens, to me anyhow, so I had to change it. Besides, it was time! 😀

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