Beyond the Sphere

A few old photos from Cheshire.

The Lovell Radio Telescope near Goostrey.

Posted for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Becky’s KindaSquares.

It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday, and the theme is Skyline. Today, I’m sharing the post between both Debbie’s and Becky’s challenges. Remember, Becky’s Squares challenge for October is KindaSquares.

I’ve gone for a natural kind of skyline in this post, with the Welsh hills providing a pleasant kind of barrier between road and sky.

Visit both Debbie’s and Becky’s sites for more kinds of photographic interpretations!

Indeed it has… here in fact!

It almost crossed over into here… This post for Six Word Saturday.

Look out for more Halloween Specials.

Where the Sinster’s mission continues properly!

For One Word Sunday this week, Debbie’s theme is Spectacle. I remember there being a similar theme a while ago, where I used spectacles, so this time I had to come up with something different.

One definition for ‘spectacle’ is

a visually striking performance or display

… so this is the option I have gone for this time. I wanted something visual on display. I thought of the ATC pieces I created during lockdown, their bright colours were certainly visual, so they had to be used. Then came the display. I decided to make a total spectacle of them, and just scatter them around. Then I took the photos!

So, here’s my spectacle! Visit Debbie’s site for more takes on the theme.

Interesting, these Saturday posts, aren’t they?!

They’ll be better soon… I promise!

Another post for Six Word Saturday.