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So, we all have a purpose?

Are we here for a reason?

Or are we merely just here?

Do we work well with society?

Or do we just fit in?

Can we really achieve better things?

Or live with what we have?

Six Questions for Six Word Saturday.

Six Word Saturday

Although seven, actually, including the title…


She trod all respectable stages
Tumultuous applause resonated, suppressing silence
A really sensational singer throughout
Reversely she sought the afterlife
Secretly she tried all roads

This is my response to my Letters from the Stars challenge. Not the cheeriest, I might add, but stardom has its downs as well as its ups.

Letters from the Stars Challenge

It’s Wednesday.

Time for another lead balloon* Blogging Challenge.

This week, it’s:

This one is simples. Super simples. So super simples, the explanation is the only hard part.

The star has generated 5 letters (coincidentally, this week they make up the word STARS – how funky is that?) Here… have a look:

Warning. There now follows a convoluted explanation as to what to do.

The challenge is to write a five line poem, with each line starting with a different letter from the star. The poem MUST have an astronomical or astrological theme, or have a connection to stars in one way or another.

As an added challenge, you could write the poem with each line holding only five words, with the first letter of the next word being the next one in specific order. To clarify, as this week’s word is STARS, the first letter of the first line will be S; the first letter of the second line will be T; the first on the third A; the first letter on the fourth line is R; and the first letter on the fifth line is S. In order, line one’s words will begin with S – T – A – R – S. Line two’s words will begin with T – A – R – S – S. Line three’s will be A – R – S – S – T. Line four’s R – S – S – T – A. Line five’s words will then complete the cycle beginning S – S – T – A – R.

Get it?

What do you mean, no?

Look. The following no expense spared graphic will show you the first letters of each word in the poem. The challenge is to just finish the words in a poem that makes sense. Or doesn’t; depending on the poem.


Sigh. The other option is to write a five line poem about stars.

I shall publish my entry later in the week. I’ve done it the challenging way. I mean, I will do, when I write mine. Ahem.

If you’d like to enter, and entry is by no means compulsory, just write your poem on your blog and link it to this post. I’ll sort out all of the links later.

As last week’s prize was won (a quarter of a million pounds – how fabulous was that?**) there will be no prize for this weeks best entry, so it is just for fun.

Another challenge will be along next week.***


*Lead balloons are fun, just as long as you don’t put a basket beneath them.

**(Obviously, there wasn’t a prize awarded last week; there will never be a prize given for any of the challenges on this blog. It is all about fun and not bribery. You just need to look at the graphics to see there is no money involved).

***Oh yes, there will indeed. And the next week. And the next. I know a good thing when I see one!

Wordle: Spikes and Skulls

‘Though born to mock with smug grin
And no hope to get truth through corrupt skull
Note calls of “Fire!” (liar)
Spikes of honour catch the eye within the memo
Delete? Too early to say

It’s a bit of a mish-mash, today’s post.

Debbie’s word for One Word Sunday over on Travel With Intent is ‘Skull’ and I know for a fact that I don’t own any photos of skulls, real or otherwise, and I can’t see any reason of me stumbling across one for a photo opportunity anytime soon. So, I had a photo lined up of Prickles, a tiny tiny dragonfly I once knew, for Becky’s #SpikySquare March challenge, over on The Life of B. Aha! I thought, as I squinted, and focussed on the space behind my computer screen whilst looking at Prickles’ head; I can almost see a skull there.

The link was made. I very often go out on a limb with these photo challenges… today I’m going out on a head.

I then included the words ‘Skull’ and ‘Spike’ into Brenda’s list, from The Sunday Whirl, and came up with the five lines above. I’m sure they’ll make sense in the Universe somewhere. Limbs, spiky legs and wings, and heads are all very useful at times.

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One Word Sunday


Please visit the above links for other interpretations.

Late One Day, Early The Next

But it’s all time, isn’t it?

As it’s March again already, Becky has a new SQUARES challenge: SPIKY SQUARES.

I’m not prickly about it. Well, I am a bit, as I don’t think I have any photos that spikes and the like appear in, so I’m going to have to be a little creative to get at least ONE photo for this theme.

Oh, I already have.

I’ve started a digital painting of a random terrain somewhere, with very prickly mountains… so I merely took a Square photo of the computer screen, spikes and all! Below is a screenshot  of the same theme. This one isn’t square.

I think that fits the theme.

Oh. That’s Six Words!

Yes, it’s Six Word Saturday today as well. The title refers to my blogging ‘schedule’ at present… namely the fact that it’s all over the place. But then again, there’s nothing new there. If a chart were to be created detailing the times I blog, the results will be very spiky indeed.

I shall have to see about creating one, just to see!

A Creative Six Word Saturday post.

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