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Out of Time

Out of time itself comes this relic of a car…

I think it’s out of fuel as well.

Posted in response to Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below.

Not only am I out of time, I’m also out of space at present as well. Posts may appear sporadic (well, more sporadic than usual!) as I’ve treated myself to a spanking new computer (gamer no less – not that I’ll be gaming… no time for that malarkey!) and whopping huge monitor (well, TV if truth be told), and I’m currently downloading all my bits and bobs onto it. It / they are taking up quite a lot of space, so the original computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard set up, the one I’m using for my blog posts, is perched right at the end of the desk, and I’m in the tiniest of spaces typing this now. When I get longer cables, I’ll be able to spread things around a bit, but until then, I shall be posting through this letterbox of a space. ‘Tis all fun. Onwards and upwards!!!

Distorted Time

Is time distorted? Can it be? Or is it just linear?

Above, I hope, proves that time can in fact be distorted… and very easily, to boot!

This is a photo, shared as part of Becky’s #timesquare challenge, showing Sunset through a frosted window. OK, perhaps it was the facts rather than time that has been distorted slightly there, but time and distortion are involved, so I’m going with it! Link below.

A Six Word Saturday Santa Selfie

Selfie Time!

We haven’t had one of these for a while, have we? Time we had another!

Same old same old…

… only this time with an added Santa hat!

Posted for Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below.

And Debbie’s Six Word Saturday (Yes, I know I’ve used more than six words in this post, but the rules say only the title needs to have six words. Besides, and as an added bonus, I’ve highlighted six random words above. Well, it has to be done!) Link below.

High Noon

I remember a while back the UK’s skies were full of sand from the Sahara, and everywhere was cast in an eerie yellowish tint. The sand content in the air was so high we were able to look directly at the mid-day Sun without any kind of protection (which, obviously, should really never be done) Above is a photo of the Sun that I took that day… but even though I remember writing about it on the blog, I can’t seem to find when exactly that was. Perhaps if you were in the UK at that time you could refresh my memory?

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