I burned an incense stick this afternoon, and took a few photos of the smoke as it swirled around, just curious to see if any shapes appeared.

This is my favourite photo… I had to tweak and recolour it a little, and adjust the brightness and sharpness and what have you:

I can see several pictures within the picture… could there be a dog… or someone tending to a baby… or a cloaked figure?

See the baby?
See the dog?

Here’s the original colour:

Original colour

Perhaps you can make out something else?

It’s clear, though, that the Spirits of the Smoke were swirling around this afternoon!

16 thoughts

    1. If you’re seeing the dog with the long nose, VK, go down to the end of the nose. Look over to the left and allow the image of the dog to fade away. What I see there looks like two hands tucking a baby into a crib or something… the baby’s head is partly covered.
      If you’re seeing a different dog… fabulous! 😀
      Thanks for looking! 🙂

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  1. Now you understand Tom what I once said, that the thing I enjoy most about smoking cigars is the smoke😉

    Ancient ritual it is.
    Photography wise, maybe experiment next time with an independent source of light (or LED or Laser) on the smoke…you’ll be amazed.

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    1. It does look like a fox, Sue, you’re right! And yes… as for the elephant, I see that too. It’s odd, I knew there was something else there, but until you mentioned the elephant, I couldn’t see it! 😊
      Thanks, Sue!


    1. I’ll bear that in mind next time I’m there, Icewolf. However, here, I was breathing in Frankincense, which kind of feels it should have some protective qualities! 😊
      And yes… that Firewolf was there somewhere!

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