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Literae Antiquitas

A bit of a random post this evening… even more so than usual!

Ancient Text

To the left is an image of a part of an ancient document discovered sometime around 1930.
It is written in Latin, but it is very easy to translate into English what is actually being said.
The ancient text that it is from translates to ‘The Book of the Ancient Premonitions’. Word for word, or thereabouts, the above paragraph reads as ‘In the British Isles, a man who lives in the north, who is known as Aquathomas, will feel out of tune with a throbbing knee and a running and throbbing nose’. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have sworn that it was actually written about me. This is the first paragraph of the book, which goes on to predict events such as man going to the moon, the invention of the lightbulb, the post-it note and the Great Storm of 1987. Other events, people and inventions are included, and, believe it or not, there is a drawing of a Wyvern on page two.

The odd thing is, I am suffering from those very symptoms (nose and knees), and have been since last week, but how could an ancient seer have predicted me from thousands of years ago? And why would – and how could – and in fact why should – those symptoms be of any importance or significance?

I mean to say. Man going to the Moon: a remarkable feat of engineering, courage and perseverance if ever there was one. The lightbulb: where would we be without that? The Great Storm of 1987: when the weather people got it slightly wrong. And the post-it note: we’d be lost without that one today, wouldn’t we? And the inclusion of the Wyvern really baffles belief.

Going back to the post-it note. The back of my mind is telling me that it was really a mistake, and wasn’t intended to be made… which just goes to show that sometimes good can come out of anything, even mistakes. I think even the weather people learned from their mistake that awkward night all those many years ago.

The lightbulb has evolved into a symbol for a great idea, and, in my mind, I can’t think of a better idea than man being able to explore the stars. Going beyond the Moon, and experiencing the many magical mysteries that this great Universe of ours has to offer. I can’t see myself being part of a mission to venture out into the far reaches of space in this lifetime, but I can see myself soaring through the Universe on my own steam in my mind’s eye. And who knows, maybe, possibly, in my next lifetime I will be part of one of these missions.

I’ll have to see if I can translate more of that ancient text. Maybe the prediction is about me, but not the current me that I know. Maybe the prediction will tell me that there is more to Aquathomas than hay fever and a dodgy knee. Like, maybe, think of all of the other parts that are fine and feel good; after all, there are more of them!

This version of Aquatom does think like that quite a lot of the time, but on occasions I tend to forget. There is a lot more to feeling good than first meets the eye!

The Calm

The Gathering last night seemed to pass without incident. I wasn’t awakened by any screaming banshee or howling wolf, I’m very pleased to say. And it looks as though those who gathered have tidied up after themselves as well. You wouldn’t realise that such a gathering had actually occurred. Not all Saturday nights are like that!

All is calm and quiet this Sunday morning.

The skies are clear and blue in parts, and grey clouds are scattered randomly in others. However, the sun is shining brightly. It is a perfect day for taking things easy.

It’s a very good thing, then, that I have nothing planned for today, apart from the usual trip to the shops. Hopefully that will be as calm an experience as this morning is. Once that is done, it will be time to sit back and let the minutes pass by themselves.

Er… slowly, of course!

Knee News, Nose News, No New News

Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Last month, I wrote a little ode to my knee, that was causing just a tad of pain whenever I stood up or walked a few steps. I’m not in the habit of writing rhymes to my body parts, but for a few weeks after I had put fingers to keyboard for that rhyme, I was ache free.

If I had the inclination, I could have ran a marathon. Luckily for me, I didn’t… both of my knees would have been aching if I had, along with the rest of my legs, my back, and both of my arms, from when I would have dragged myself the twenty five point seven five miles to make up the rest of the course.

Several years ago, I ached for about two months after completing an army assault course for charity. The course involved a lot of running, climbing, crawling through mud, swinging, and the potential of falling into luminous lime green algae-covered waters (which I managed to avoid – adrenaline or super powers, I can’t remember what came into play that day…).

Aches aside, these army assault courses are really good fun, and once completed the feeling of elation is amazing. Before you start, the soldiers bring along their camouflage face paint, and smear it all over your face, so you actually look the part. Then, you are put through a rigorous warm up routine (after which I was fit for nothing, and only managed one push up – I blame that on the star jumps). They then cheer you along during the course itself, and really give you the energy to continue.

I’d never climbed up a twenty foot rope wall before in my life, let alone swung over the top of one and then slid down a rope slide on the other side – all without a safety net; but I did that day. And I swung across the monkey bars (they were the ones over the radioactive water) in record speed. I shocked a few people at my prowess at that. I shocked myself too. If you get the chance to go on an army assault course, go for it!

However, I digress. Lately, my knee has been playing up again. Only slightly, but the noticeable niggle rather than the unnoticeable kind. The ache wears off after a short while, which is OK, but today, I had throbbing going on in two places of my body at the same time.

I’m not sure if I’m suffering from a late bout of hay fever, or the onset of a cold, but the left side of my nose has been throbbing constantly all day. It’s still throbbing now. If I was in a cartoon, there would be a sound effect to accompany each throb, and it would be further highlighted by the glow it is giving off. And I have done nothing but sneeze today as well.

The odd thing about the throbbing, though, is that the knee and nose are throbbing alternatively. First the knee, then the nose, knee, nose, knee, nose, knee, nose. It’s as though the body parts themselves are feeding my imagination to trick me into thinking I’m some kind of walking siren. And an old fashioned siren at that. And more hobbling than walking, especially when I first get up…

Still, it’s the weekend now. I can rest. Put my feet up, and rest my nose.

Yes, I’m resting my nose this weekend. My surreal reality has just gone to a new level!

Resonating with past times

I’ve had a nice little surprise today.

Nothing spectacular in the grand scheme of things, and nothing that really goes anywhere near to helping me to solve my self-imposed quest to find what is pulling me back to the year 1642 (actually, the first part of the Seventeenth Century). But more on this in a moment.

To begin, though, a little background to my quest.

Throughout my life, I have had visions, daydreams, night-dreams, thoughts and, for want of a better word, flashbacks to either being on a large galleon-type ship, or watching this type of ship sail in and out of harbour. The visions are always very clear, and a ‘pleasant’ feeling always surrounds them. One night, I had one of these dreams, and one of the people in the dream mentioned the year being 1642.

Hearing this year gave me a starting point, somewhere that I could start to see if I could find any information about people, places, buildings, discoveries and anything else that ‘resonates’ with me; gives me the same good feeling that I get when I think about the ships. With the ‘magic’ of Google, I have, for the past few months, on and off (I’m fascinated but wouldn’t say obsessed…yet!), been finding out all kinds of fascinating facts, figures and details. Details such as the death of Galileo, the birth of Isaac Newton, the founding of Montreal, the discovery of New Zealand, the invention of a mechanical calculator (which evolved into the modern microprocessor) to name a few.

And that brings me back to my nice little surprise.

Google170811Google today has one of it’s special logos or doodles, featuring a chalkboard and some writing, in honour of someone’s birthday (or something). I hovered my curser over the doodle, expecting to see a name in the caption box, and instead read the text “I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this theorem, which this doodle is too small to contain.” The text was lost on me, so I had to click the doodle to find out more.

Pierre de FermatToday, 17th August 2011, is the 410th birthday of Pierre de Fermat, a French lawyer and mathematician who wrote similar words to Google’s caption, only within the margin of a book called ‘Arithmetica’. The book is really an ancient Greek text on mathematics, but luckily for me the page I saw wasn’t written in Greek. It was in Latin, which didn’t really help me any either. Basically, it’s about numbers and equations and things, which the title tends to hint at.

I was reading the history of Pierre, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he was close friends with an old friend of mine (or so it seems now…) Blaise Pascal. Blaise was the one who invented the calculator I mentioned earlier.

It stands to reason that these two would probably have been going to the same places, seeing that they were around at the same time and were both French, so the fact that they knew each other wasn’t as much of a surprise. However, when I looked for some images of Pierre, one image caught my eye instantly, and took me back to one day when I was very young, having a tooth extracted under the lovely dentist’s ‘odourless’ gas. As I was going under, I dreamt of some ‘dots’ sweeping around, creating what I thought was an equilateral triangle. This image reminded me of that dream:
Pierre De Fermat Calculus

Maybe the coloured dots I saw were actually the letters around the triangle?

I’m probably making more of this coincidence than I should be, after all, I must have seen images such as this countless times over the years. None have ‘resonated’ with me as this one has though. Very strange.

Whatever link I have with the Seventeenth Century, I can’t say what it is yet. Whenever I think of the Seventeenth Century, especially 1642, I seem to ‘see’ a yellowy-golden colour in my mind, and get a nice, pleasant, warm feeling. And I really do like to feel good!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I haven’t found anything spectacular. I haven’t had that ‘aha!’ moment, and everything has made sense. I have, in fact, got even more questions to keep my search going. My connection to back then seems stronger than ever.

One day… one day… I know that what I am looking for will be revealed to me. Until then, I will continue to enjoy my quest, and all of the interesting facts (interesting to me, anyway) that I find along the way.

And once again, this post has seven hundred and seventy seven words…

Inner Magic


This may sound strange
But if you want change
You must follow this
And not dismiss
The words I write
This very night.
Close your eyes
And look within
See your life…
Allow this magic in.
The change you need
Begins with you
You need not believe
But it is true.
You write your story…
You fill your page…
Your dreams are your guide…
And the World is your stage…
If you feel good, that’s all the better.
Begin your change with a single letter.