Beyond the Sphere


The blank page is inviting.
Crisp. Clear. Anticipating writing.
Words and sentences, paragraphs and chapters.
Mystery twists and happy-ever-afters.
Intrigue and plotlines
Drama, and sometimes
Comedies of errors
And other storytellers’
Tricks to keep us hooked
Within the pages, within the books…
Although the blank page is also revealing
No words to relay its meaning
Yet with space to fill
It shows a mind, still…
Clear of thought
With no inspiration in sight
Nothing to write
The blank page
Echoes like an empty stage
With no show tonight
The curse of writer’s block
Revels in its own delight

Struggling. Struggling. Struggling. This mysterious dark force that is trying to keep me away from blogging seems to have struck from a different angle this evening, and cloaked my inspiration and my creativity. However, a post must go out, so this is what I have managed to come up with. Once I started, the words flowed a little easier, but it’s getting the initial push – the ignition fired – that’s proving to be the biggest challenge. It will pass. Until then, I must keep on keeping on. Perseverance is key.

Does this colour suit me?

It’s another slow blogging day today. Must just be the time of the year.

Oh, White Rabbits, by the way! And here we are on the first of March, St David’s Day, and the first day of Spring… meteorogically speaking, that is. Astronomically speaking, Spring doesn’t start until 20th March, but not long to wait for those astronauts. The weather’s a tad Wintry, so we can’t go by that alone. That said, the days will soon be longer than the nights, so it’s all good.

As I was pondering what to post about today, I noticed the layout of the five featured posts on my blog’s homepage. I noticed the Selfie image of myself I used for yesterday’s post, and then noticed that by some meteorogical fluke Beryl’s mouth (who represented Storm Doris a few days ago) seemed to position itself in the space where my mouth should have been, making for a rather random composite image. I’ve added a screengrab above. I’m not sure the colour suits me, however. I haven’t added a featured image to this post, so you can see the effect (for those visitors popping in from a computer – other devices won’t have the same effect) by clicking on the header and going to the homepage.

Told you – slow blogging time.

Tomorrow, my post will be about an ear of some kind – we all don’t want to miss that…

Firstly, what’s happened to Australia?

Above is the odd image I get for Australia every time I view my WordPress admin on my mobile phone. I want the proper image back!

I tried to copy an image of the Australian flag from Wikipedia, and got:

Ulp. Very odd.

Not to be put off, I’ve taken a screenshot, to be used as a temporary measure…


Secondly, we’ve had snow today. Odd in the fact that we had it yesterday when it wasn’t forecast and today it was. What are the odds on that?

And thirdly, my blog was under attack this morning from a Facebook spammer. They tried leaving a message on one of my very early posts which was flung into my moderation queue, and from there I swiftly kicked it into spam. The message oddly had no relevance to any part of the post they’d left it on… and the subject? Well, ‘twas one unbecoming for a blog of this stature. Most odd that they even tried.


It’s a slow blogging day. Again.

I’ll be back into it shortly. I promise.

My feathered friends and I like to sit and laugh,
At the exploits of the clot, Mr Jinx the cat
He thinks we don’t see him as he follows us
Then decides with a sigh
And a tail’s swish enough’s enough
He’d chase us around Planet Earth
If his while it was mostly worth…
And he wasn’t dizzy from spinning
As betwixt and beyond we’d lead him
And shallow pecks we’d give him,
Not deep enough to bleed him
Just enough to fire his ire
And choose to give chase
To save face
But breaking news! It’s all fiction
Mr Jinx is thick-skinned
Like the rest of the yakult-fed feline cult
Them, and their thoughts of chase and play
We make their day.
Well, my feathered friends and I laugh
Until we’re caught
And then we lie still and pray…


Debbie’s one-word theme this week is Angles, and this photo came to mind – it’s a few years old but it covers the angle angle in multiple ways… the angle of some of the trees; the angle of the ironwork; the angle of some of the steps; and the angle the photo was taken. And looking at it from yet another angle, some of the trees have faces on them!