Over on World Metamorphosis, Visionkeeper has sent out a request for an artistic creation featuring just four colours (Fluorescent Green, Black Currant, Electric Orange and Moon Glow Yellow) which represent the times we live in; Moon Glow Yellow representing faith.

When I started this all of the colours were separate, bold, and colliding with each other in a very garish way. There was no structure, which is what I intended, but it didn’t feel right.

I started blending the colours. They started swirling. They were circling something but I didn’t know what. I wanted the pale yellow to cut through vividly, and as soon as I added the colour I knew exactly what it was.

Not only was the Earth brighter than the fading, swirling mess of the other three colours around her, she was also rising above it.

And with faith, we can rise above anything.

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    1. Thanks VK. It’s a digital painting, so the Earth in the middle is just the same as everything around it. Pixels, I suppose. Do you know, I really need to find out what this digital ‘paint’ is called!

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