Starting Somewhere


I have just painted my first ever acrylic on canvas painting, at the grand old age of 24 (ahem).

It’s rough and blocky and splotchy, but I quite like how it has turned out. The trees still need a bit of work, and I think I’ll need to paint out the stars as they do nothing whatsoever for the picture. And the paint hasn’t yet dried, as is usually the case when I ‘finish’ a painting – I need to capture the moment there and then! I also need to have a rethink about my signature as well… but it fits with this painting as it too is chunky, blocky and the rest.

It’s only a small square canvas, not quite as large (or rectangular) as a sheet of A4 paper, but just the right size to start with. A while ago, I bought quite a few canvases (canvi?) some of which are, at the moment, quite daunting in size, but one day I shall go for it.

Now though, I’m keeping things manageable.

But, it’s a start, and everything starts somewhere.

24 comments on “Starting Somewhere”

  1. Well done you clever chap! This is one to be very proud of. In fact … hanging on the wall proud, me thinks!
    Acrylics are my very most favourite painting medium. I love the control they give you, and the quick drying too, and can fully understand you liking them.

    Great job, Tom. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thanks, Cobs.
      It already has a new home, this painting. My Mum liked it and claimed it!
      Acrylics are different to watercolour, yet similar but I do need to get used to them. When I get back into the swing of things I shall have another go! 😀


  2. Congratulations on your first acrylic! I enjoy painting with acrylics, too, but oils are more fun for me – oil paint dries so much more slowly that I can play with blending more. Still, though, I love acrylics for the instant gratification!

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