Beyond the Sphere

Nice for the Time of Year

Questions needed answers Thoughts needed to be filed So I lay back and listened To some music for a while Looking for a meaning I settled nice and still Nothing was forthcoming ‘Though I was very chilled I… Read More


One: One Word Sunday Halloween Special Two: KindaSquares Halloween Special (Kinda cheatin’ more like!) As some of you may be aware, Hallowe’en is one of my favourite times of the year. This year, things are slightly different for… Read More

Kinda Bobbin’!

As it’s approaching Halloween, I thought I’d share a bobbing photo for Becky’s KindaSquare challenge. Only, instead of apple bobbing, I’ve gone for duck bobbing instead. I’m sure this duck found what she was looking for… which I… Read More

Living on Barbed Wire: For Debbie

Freedom there’s freedom ahead freedom beyond the barbed wire freedom there for all Be a Wire Cutter Barbs and wires in the way Restricting movement Blocking the way forward But look ahead Look beyond Be a wire cutter… Read More

Kinda Familiar

A while ago, I posted a photo of a smiling mushroom as part of Becky’s Square challenge. This is the same photo, but showing the rest of the family! Just in case you thought the photo looked kinda… Read More