Beyond the Sphere

Stop the Clock Once More!

I need to catch my breath! I have absolutely no idea where today has gone. Equally, I have no idea where yesterday went. Nor do I have an idea where the recent January days disappeared to. Come to… Read More

A Thought (RE)Occurred

I’ve never written a sonnet before. I’m not sure if I’ve written one now either, for that matter, but this is my first ever attempt at writing one. The ending’s slightly weaker than it should be, I feel,… Read More

The Quick Fix Slimming Mix (Repeated)

I’m a little busy at the moment, but I just have enough time to write my post for today. Occasionally, I turn my bathroom into a makeshift laboratory. Nothing like those that you see in any mad professor’s… Read More

Redirected Letters To The Universe… The Just Be Happy Edition

Dear The Word Happy, Such a cheerful word you are! I feel delighted every time I see you, even ecstatic at times! You invoke jubilant, pleasant and upbeat emotions which add to the Feel Good factor no end,… Read More

Change Begins Now (Again!)

Cheat the system Take a leap of faith Reap rewards With a smile on your face Climb to heights Of which you dream But act gracefully No need to preen Look around Take in what you see Calmly… Read More

Soaring High Again

Freedom in silence Cold wind keeps senses alert Invigorated Beauty all around Fluffy clouds float by below Rejuvenated Openness ahead Past, present, future all one Amalgamated (Originally posted 29th August 2017)

September White Rabbits

Not really, but Happy September! Hare(!) are some of the white rabbits that have hopped along this year since February.

Agents of Darkness

On the last day of the month, I usually post the next part of my Agents of Darkness storyline. Due to my little blogging break, it means I will miss this month’s post, so instead I post a… Read More

A Few Words For Sunday

A selection of photos from past One Word Sunday posts: Movement (24th February 2019) Circle (17th June 2018) Underfoot (19th July 2017) Wet (1st October 2017) Asleep (8th April 2018) Baleful (1st April 2018) Literal (22nd April 2018)… Read More

So, we all have a purpose?

Are we here for a reason? Or are we merely just here? Do we work well with society? Or do we just fit in? Can we really achieve better things? Or live with what we have? Six Questions… Read More

Friday Thoughts

What’s this? A new post on Beyond the Sphere? What is the world coming to? Anon said I’d heard Beyond the Sphere had become a reblogging site, posting only old posts and no new content. Mr X said… Read More

The Cat Contemplates Again

The dark. The cool. The shade. It’s late. I’m alone. Footsteps ahead. I hide. Crouching silently. Waiting patiently. Twigs crack. Birds squawk. Eyes narrow. I watch. I stare. It’s now. Or never. I stretch. I pounce. I reach…. Read More