She is no oil painting.

But with a few special effects

She transforms

Into a piece of art

All of her own.

(Based on yesterday’s post, where Elsie Clutterbuck was the modern day inspiration for the Mona Lisa. Obviously, Elsie Clutterbuck is an inspiration for a lot more!)

8 thoughts

  1. What a contrary evocation of the Elsie Clutterbuck in my imagination: thick-set build, glasses, cardigan over sensible dress, fur-edged slippers (a turd-like roll of hair in a net), unseen…knickers (pink, fleecy) worn to her knees, BUT she is the salt of the earth, even if she does drop her aitches…Tee hee…Love the photography! (She possibly thinks Mona Lisa complains a lot.) Joy Lennick

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    1. Thanks, Joy. I have a feeling Elsie Clutterbuck’s run on this little blog of mine isn’t quite over just yet! We may soon be seeing the Truly Real Elsie… or will we? Your description of her rings more true than my depiction! (And I think you’re right about Mona Lisa too!)
      As they say on TV… stay tuned! Elsie will be back! 😀


    1. Special effects are good when they work, Icewolf… when they don’t work, they can end up looking like those firework displays where the fireworks all go off at once. ⬜️😳🤣

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