Beyond the Sphere

This little critter stopped mid-climb to allow me to take this photo. It didn’t take too long, however, before the top was reached. The top of a nearby leaf, that is!

Another post for Becky’s Top Square challenge. I think I’m doing quite well finding all these tops!

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Sometimes, it’s hard to see spikes.

Sometimes, spikes are soft.

Can you see the soft spikes in this photo? They’re kind of at both ends in the middle. And even though it’s hard to tell which end is which, the middle is plainly obvious. Plain and spikeless… although I could be wrong.

Posted for Becky’s #SpikySquare challenge.

‘Though born to mock with smug grin
And no hope to get truth through corrupt skull
Note calls of “Fire!” (liar)
Spikes of honour catch the eye within the memo
Delete? Too early to say

It’s a bit of a mish-mash, today’s post.

Debbie’s word for One Word Sunday over on Travel With Intent is ‘Skull’ and I know for a fact that I don’t own any photos of skulls, real or otherwise, and I can’t see any reason of me stumbling across one for a photo opportunity anytime soon. So, I had a photo lined up of Prickles, a tiny tiny dragonfly I once knew, for Becky’s #SpikySquare March challenge, over on The Life of B. Aha! I thought, as I squinted, and focussed on the space behind my computer screen whilst looking at Prickles’ head; I can almost see a skull there.

The link was made. I very often go out on a limb with these photo challenges… today I’m going out on a head.

I then included the words ‘Skull’ and ‘Spike’ into Brenda’s list, from The Sunday Whirl, and came up with the five lines above. I’m sure they’ll make sense in the Universe somewhere. Limbs, spiky legs and wings, and heads are all very useful at times.

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One Word Sunday


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In Your Own Time!

There’s absolutely no rushing this chap! (Warning… this post may include snails)

Posted as part of Becky’s #timesquare challenge. Link below…

Debbie’s Asleep for One Word Sunday.

Let me rephrase that. ‘Asleep’ is Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week, and I have a few photos to share of a few sleeping critters. Warning – there may be spiders.

  1. Above is my old friend ShadowCat before he ventured to pastures new. Seen here, fast asleep sunbathing.

  1. Back in September 2013, I caught the above critter sleeping on the job. Well, I presumed she was sleeping.

  1. I’m sure this wasp was only pretending to sleep, but it does look well away.

  1. This shield bug was deep into hibernation in December 2016, well he seemed to be anyway. I moved a wooden panel and he was behind it. I must have disturbed him though, for a few days later he was gone. It’s terrible when something wakes you during a lovely sleep.

  1. Another spider asleep on the job. And look at all the space this one is taking up! They do sleep in the oddest of places.

  1. Yet another sleeping spider… or one lying in wait! September 2016 this time – and you can clearly see how relaxed this critter is.

  1. And finally, back in May 2016, this little fluffy bundle were taking an afternoon nap together.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip through time – or, as I think it should be called time naps photography. I also hope that if you don’t like spiders, you aren’t feeling all that traumatised now. Please visit Debbie’s site (a link will appear here later), where you will find links for last week’s theme Baleful. See. We can’t stop time travelling once we start!