I could bear it no longer!

Tripping over it when walking, whipping people in their faces over two metres away in the slightest breeze, having to get up at 3am to wash it so it would be dry ready for the day… it had to go.

So it did.

I went to the barbers and I now look human again. My caricature and I are very happy. We may not look it, but we are.

This was how it appeared before (if you hadn’t seen the previous hair update):


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    1. We couldn’t go under lockdown, Chris, so had to do it ourselves if we needed it doing! Hairdressers and barbers have recently reopened, so now’s the ideal time to get a proper professional job done. It was worth the wait.


  1. Funny ,,, Funny … Funny !!!!
    My mom had a beauty salon so I know how to cut hair and all types of other things.
    I can’t imagine you having such long, long hair. It could have been an interesting change for you.
    But, shorter is easier and you look like you were given a very stylish-do. Now, all you need is a guitar
    to rock a tune or two.
    Isadora 😎

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    1. I’m tone deaf musically, Isadora! In fact I can’t even hold a guitar properly, never mind play one!
      My hair is much better short… I’ll be keeping on top of things from now on! 🙂

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