Beyond the Sphere

I sit here hiding
me and my collywobbles
… there’s something downstairs!

Posted in response to Eugenia’s Weekly Theme: Ghostly

Image: Spooky Ghost Sitting In Bed by Kylesportsman at

Questions needed answers
Thoughts needed to be filed
So I lay back and listened
To some music for a while
Looking for a meaning
I settled nice and still
Nothing was forthcoming
‘Though I was very chilled
I asked out for a question
Or a sign, loud and clear,
When a single thought came to me
“It’s nice for the time of year”!


One: One Word Sunday Halloween Special

Two: KindaSquares Halloween Special

(Kinda cheatin’ more like!)

As some of you may be aware, Hallowe’en is one of my favourite times of the year. This year, things are slightly different for some reason that kinda escapes me right now. But, as luck would have it I’m still celebrating Hallowe’en here on Beyond the Sphere.

This year, two of my characters are on a quest which is sending them throughout my part of the Blogosphere, meaning they pop up in quite a few of the more regular items that appear on the blog.

One Word Sunday and Becky’s KindaSquares have both received the crossover treatment today.

Two challenges with two photos of two characters in not two, but one post. I could have done two posts, but then this sentence wouldn’t be needed. Or needed to be repeated slightly differently. Either way, they’re both in the same post whether the sentence(s!) make tense sense or not.

I blame the Sinsters. The characters. They have a mission to spread fun and chaos at the same time. Not that I need them to blame, as I can do that myself, well, especially the chaos part. But blame them I will.

The two images on this post aren’t screenshots. They are photos of my computer screen showing the early stages of the development of a picture I was making for one of the previous posts (in what’s known as a wireframe mode). As they aren’t screenshots, and are photos (and are square!), and are kinda different, I think they work with both challenges, which is why I’m using them for today’s post.

Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday today is ‘Two’ (which you may have gathered from the title of the post and the odd clue or two dotted throughout it.

Please visit the links above for more interpretations on both challenges.

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As it’s approaching Halloween, I thought I’d share a bobbing photo for Becky’s KindaSquare challenge. Only, instead of apple bobbing, I’ve gone for duck bobbing instead. I’m sure this duck found what she was looking for… which I presume probably wasn’t apples!


there’s freedom ahead
freedom beyond the barbed wire
freedom there for all

Be a Wire Cutter

Barbs and wires in the way
Restricting movement
Blocking the way forward
But look ahead
Look beyond
Be a wire cutter
And touch the future

Living on Barbed Wire

Keeping in things in
And out out
Yet still a place to rest
Those weary wings

To the Wire

In the right light
Even the barbed wire
Has a unique beauty

It’s Six Word Saturday once again. This week, I’m posting something different, inspired by Debbie’s post. I put together a quick picture to match the post, and then quickly threw together the words to match the picture.

And before you say it… Six Word Saturday refers to the title of the post only… the content can be millions of words long if required! Visit Debbie’s post for more six words.