Beyond the Sphere

A few old photos from Cheshire.

The Lovell Radio Telescope near Goostrey.

Posted for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Becky’s KindaSquares.

One two three
The ravens gather
Four five six
Do numbers matter?
Seven eight
Circling high
Nine ten
I wonder why…

Originally posted on 26th October 2019

The rough wood of the table’s surface came to Gemevere’s attention. She sat upright on the bench and stretched her neck, hearing it crack at least six times. “Blarmey!” she said. She stretched her back, and her spine cracked again, at least ten times this time. “Flippin’ ‘eck!” She rubbed her eyes, and noticed the Hempsty, Katherine and Æthelstan were still fast asleep, Katherine snoring loudly as she lay on her back. “Blarmey!” Gemevere muttered once more.

She walked around the tavern. Everything looked in order. The front wall was in place. She could see the door was locked, and through the window she could see several villagers milling about. She walked into the room at the back of the tavern, which was empty. She looked around at the various barrels which were placed around the room. Another door led into the kitchen, so she walked through to have a look around in there. The larder door on the far side was wide open, so instinctively she closed it. The wooden table in the middle was neatly laid out with plates and bowls, all stacked ready to use. An oven stood next to the larder. Gemevere walked over to it and touched it. “Storn cold.” She said. She turned around and headed back out of the kitchen and into the barrel room. She jumped as she saw the red-skinned man appear out of a sudden orange light in front of her. “Eeek!” She shrieked, which was unusual for Gemevere.

“‘Oo the ‘eck are you?” Gemevere asked as the man faced her.

“My name is Mr Sinster. I believe you can help me to find an object I’m searching for.” Mr Sinster offered his hand to Gemevere.

“Arm not fallin’ fer that ‘un!” Gemevere pulled her arms in close to her body. “There’s a lot o’ strarenge things ‘appenin ’round ‘ere today.”

“You do have the oddest of tongues!” Mr Sinster commented.

“That’s rude!” Gemevere replied. “Comin’ from one with a pointy tail.”

“I am a Kraa demon. I mean you no harm, my fair lady. I’m merely trying to obtain one of six items from a list that must be found by Halloween. A map has sent me to this location, which means that you must know of the items whereabouts.”

“You expect me to believe all that? A map sent you? Oh, yer mean yer followed a map.” Gemevere tried to translate what the man was saying.

“No, a map actually sent me. It has points upon it which reveal the name of the item we seek, and then sends us through a portal to the time and place the item will be hidden in. Which is how I arrived here.”

“OK then,” Gemevere still didn’t believe Mr Sinster. “Prove it. Tell me where y’from.”

“I’m from 2020. From a town call…”

“2020? This is 489. Yer tellin’ me yer from thousands o’ years in the future?” Gemevere interrupted. She remembered Katherine’s coins which were also from almost two hundred years in the future. “Orr Kare, Ah’ll believe ya. Wha’s the item yer want? Bear in mind we doorn’t live ‘ere, and aren’t from ‘ere.”

“Oh. That may be difficult then. I’m looking for a pyramid. A round pyramid.”

“A round pyramid? ‘Round ‘ere?”

“This is where the map sent me.”

“We’re in a room full o’ barrels. There’s nothin’ in ‘ere that looks like a normal pyramid, lerralone a round ‘un!”

“I can see that.” Mr Sinster looked around the room. All of the barrels were the same shape, although not all the same size. “The map sent me directly here… perhaps it sent me to you.”

“Me? I doorn’t ‘ave any pyramid… oh.”

“Have you realised that you know where it is?” Mr Sinster’s eyes widened.

“Not really. It in’t a pyramid as such, but it’s me ‘at. Me cone. It’s out there, under th’tarebul. But yer carn’t ‘ave it.”

“Please, dear lady, I must have it. The repercussions aren’t even worth pondering. We must get all items together by Halloween, or else.”

“Or else what? An’ who’s ‘we’?”

“Mrs Sinster and I have been sent on two missions. Well, the same mission but for two different people, one in HR and the other an Angel. One for chaos and one for joy.”

“Doorn’t know what an HR is, but I do know an Angel. Gabriel ‘is name is. Cairm to me the nart before I decided to become Lairdy… never mind.” Gemevere clamped her mouth firmly shut.

“Gabriel is the Angel we are working for. He’s sent us on this mission, to replace HR’s mission, but HR needs us to complete her mission also. It sounds complicated.”

“Naw, it mairks perfeck sense t’me. Jus’ doorn’t believe we’ve both met Gabriel. Oh go on. Yer can ‘ave me cone.”

“Thank you dear lady. Tell me, please, what is your name.” Mr Sinster’s face lit up with a broad smile.

“‘Ave you ‘eard of Lairdy Reverence from your time?”

“Lairdy Reverence?”

“Lairdy.” Gemevere paused and opened and closed her mouth on slow motion. “Lairdeee.” Gemevere exaggerated the second syllable.

“That’s what I’m saying ‘Lairdy'” Mr Sinster felt confused.

“Lay Dee.” Gemevere broke the pronunciation down a little further.

“Oh. Lady Reverence!” Realisation shone out of Mr Sinster’s face. Gemevere’s face now lit up with a smile. “No. Should I have?” Mr Sinster watched the expression vanish from Gemevere’s face.

“No. Not yet.” Gemevere corrected. “But yer will. The Legend o’ Lairdy Reverence will become legendary. Circles’ll be talkin’ about it fer years to come once it’s art there.”

“So you are Lady Reverence then?” Mr Sinster smiled once more.

“I am. But yer can call me Gemevere. Arm Gemevere Inxlsis in this garb. Arm Lairdy Reverence in me other clobber an’ me crown. Oo… me crown’s in’th cone. Ah’ll ‘ave to shove it in me frock!”

Gemevere and Mr Sinster walked over to the table where the other three were still sound asleep. Gemevere reached under the table and retrieved her hat. She pulled off the ribbon and handed the cone part to her new friend. She promptly snatched it back, and with a slight giggle took out the tiara and tucked it into a pocket in the front of her dress. “‘Ear. Teck it before ah chairnge me marnd.”

“Thank…” was all Mr Sinster could say as he touched the hat, before he was engulfed in an orange light and disappeared before Gemevere’s eyes.

“Charmin’!” Gemevere said. She looked at Hempsty and the others around the table, and decided to join them in sleep once more. “With any luck, when Ah wairk up, me cone’ll still be there an’ this would’ve all been a dream.” She used the ribbon from her hat to make the table top a little more comfortable as she settled down to sleep.

Not that there’s any order or timescale or anything sensical about the Sinster’s quest, you can find previous parts in the links below. The next part will be along soon enough!

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I’d just settled down last night to enjoy a pizza… a delicious ham, pineapple, onion and mushroom, freshly baked pizza with deliciously stretchy cheese… and somebody rang the doorbell. Then pounded on the door. The knocking reverberated around the Foyer and up the Stairs numerous times. Echoes are all the more prevalent around Halloween, haven’t you noticed? They rang the doorbell again. Constantly, with urgency.

I put my slice of pizza down, and walked to the door. The staff appear to be having another night off. I opened the door widely, and saw only the trees outside, beyond the Courtyard.

I thought it was trick or treaters at first, so I closed the door and returned to my pizza. No sooner had I sat down, the ringing and knocking started again. I went to the door once again, and could hear voices from the other side. No… not that other side… the other side of the door.

“I told you we shouldn’t have pressed it together.” A woman’s voice said.

“But it’s quicker this way.” A man said.

“But look, we’ve been here three times already and haven’t gotten a reply from the door.” the woman said.

“We keep getting dragged away.” the man said.

“So why do we keep being sent back?” the woman asked.

“I don’t” the man said.

I opened the door, and there was nobody there again. Maybe I WAS hearing voices from the other other side. I closed the door again, and went back to my pizza. No sooner had I sat down, the knocking and doorbell ringing started again. I put my slice down once again, and ran to the door. Yet again there were voices.

“Why do we keep ending up here?” the man asked.

“How should I know?” the woman asked. “I’m as clueless as you are!”

“And why together? Why at this mansion? What are we looking for?” the man asked.

“Maybe we should do it separate…” the woman said, her voice silenced rather sharply at the end.

I opened the door, and once again, there was nobody there.

I’d decided enough was enough. I put two slices of pizza on a plate, and left it outside the door. I returned to what I had left of my pizza, closed the Living Room door and left the spirits to it. If they called again, I never heard. My computerised doorbell log did show that they called back another six or seven times, when I checked later. The hidden camera on the doorbell captured a lot of light, but not much else… apart from one very clear shot. As I thought, it was trick or treaters messing about. I hope they enjoyed their slices of pizza.

Click the doorbell below to view the images caught by the camera. I’ve only included a couple with the light as they were all pretty much the same!

Click to view

A nice bright splash of gold today, for Becky’s KindaSquares. The floral kind of gold, that is!